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Friday, December 14th, 2012


Thursday, April 27th, 2006

Perth socialite Rose Porteous will be well enough to face trial later this year on charges of altering a prescription, a court has been told.

Ms Porteous has previously pleaded not guilty to fraudulently altering a prescription for the drug Hypnovel last June.

She was also unable to attend court in March, when her lawyer Shane Brennan presented the court with a letter from his client’s psychiatrist saying Ms Porteous was suffering from a suspected “brain stroke”.

NOTE: Is there any other kind?

Magistrate Paul Heaney then rescheduled the case until today to set a new trial date, saying that if Ms Porteous was not able to set a new trial date, she would need more than the psychiatrist’s letter to show she was too sick.

Today Mr Brennan told Registrar Warren Southwell his client would be well enough to face trial.

He also said she needed more than one day to defend the charges.

“It depends on how things transpire,” Mr Brennan said.

“There’s convoluted medical evidence for a start.”

NOTE: How true.

Mr Southwell set the trial down for October 16 and 17.

NOTE: I’m booking my flight and accomodation for this.

Mr Brennan said he had been unable to give warning before the January trial.

“Unfortunately the state of my client’s illness was not apparent until close to the trial date,” Mr Brennan said.


Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

I’m spending a few days in Melbourne with my mate Phillip, he can be found wired for sound and photo’s at while down here i’m going to catch up with as many friends as i possibley can including Dicko and Garry who i’ll be appearing alongside on the radio tomorrow night

Melbourne as ever is fantastic, the only thing that would stop me moving here is the fact that it’s so special every time i visit, i dont ever want to take it for granted.


Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

You know it was just one of those day’s, a lazy Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining bright, all was right with the world and I was catching up with my friend Dave from Melbourne who I hadn’t seen in over twelve months, as we window shopped our way up and down King St Newtown we turned into an antique store

.. Like a beacon on an ink black night something caught our eyes high up on a shelf, a glowing pink box, a sight so rare, so majestic, it drew us to it as if moving in slow motion, just before we reached it I caught Dave faltering out of the corner of my eyes, I read his face as it creased and spelt out ‘No, this can’t be real .. I’m not seeing this wondrous item before me’ I gathered my composure and continued forward until my hand clasped around this most precious prize, I knew at that moment that we would not be separated ..

Dave’s eyes were misty as he continued forward in slow motion towards me, a guttural ‘Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!’ could be heard escaping from his lips.

I held my purchase aloft, I clasped it to my chest .. I wanted for a moment to be at one with it, to connect .. after all, it’s not every day a boy finds an original Eva Gabor wig in it’s original packaging, in mint condition for only $15.00 is it?


Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

Sunday we celebrated my nephews birthday, what does a caring and responsible uncle like myself buy him for a present? .. non other than this totally toxic and highly flamable Michael Jackson wig and hat. The above photo is what they used on the packaging, i’m thinking this faux afro isnt an officially licenced product from ‘Neverland enterprises’


Thursday, April 13th, 2006

A big thrill for me whilst in America was getting to visit Joan Crawford’s house in Brentwood, quite close to where Marilyn Monroe lived.
Some of the photo’s i have of Joan are quite bizzare, whilst i’m not sure the following two classify as bizzare they are a little weird.


In this photo it looks as if Joan was auditioning for the role of Marge Simpson.


Here we have Joan with Colonel Sanders, probably trying to tie up a cross promotion with KFC and Joan’s beloved Pepsi.


Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Another op shop find last week was an album from my past, the ‘Patsy Biscoe songbook’ Patsy used to be on the Aussie kids show ‘Here’s Humphrey’ each day Patsy would lead the children at in a sing along, how exciting! i can still remember Patsy’s distinctive finger picking style on her ‘folk’ guitar, many years later poor Patsy down graded and was reduced to busking on ‘Fat cat and friends’ .. a poor man’s ‘Humphrey’ by any measure, altho Fat Cat is the source of one of my favorite jokes ever ‘What’s the difference between you and Fat Cat? .. Fat Cat had friends!’

Most recently Patsy was seen on the ‘Big Gig’ a fantastic comedy show, they used to have a charactor on the show called Pate’ Biscuit who looked and acted an awful lot like Patsy, except Pate’ would tell horrible and horrid stories to the ‘Children at home’ one night in the middle of Pate’s act the real Patsy turned up and had a go at her clone nemesis, i must have a photo of that somewhere.

The one thing i forgot was how mega Patsy’s hair was in the early day’s .. no wonder i had a soft spot for her.


Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Chaos is surrounding poor Rose Porteous at the moment, first she was arrested for falsifying a medical pescription, she had altered the script so it had more repeats .. a lot more repeats. The best part is Rose’s defense, she claims she mistook the script for a lotto form and that’s why she wrote down the large number! is it any wonder we love her so?

When Rose was due to appear in court to face the charges she was aledgedy too ill to attend, this didn’t stop her however appearing at a charity shoe auction, you can see Rose in the photo below modeling her shoe with a HUGE diamond on the toe.

Soon after Rose collapsed .. I have a vast number of clippings documenting Rose’s collapses, I think Rose has dropped more times than Jason Donovan at his most ‘asthmatic’ but this time it’s reported Rose has had a stroke.

Compounding this was the trauma of watching her former home .. the legendary ‘Prix d’amour’ smashed to the ground by the demolition men, what a sad end to a house that has seen so many outrageous acts and incidents.


Rose raises a foot adorned with a sparkly rock for charity.


The tractors claw gouges away at Roses portico, it almost looks like performance art.


My photo of Rose which adorns my fridge door, here we can see i have added Adam’s false eyelashes to Rose’s photo .. stunning.


Friday, April 7th, 2006

Sight of the day .. I’m driving along the road and there was some school’s cross country run under way, there were a couple of hundred kids running along the footpath, some were sprinting, some jogging and a few puffing and snorting, one kid tho had obviously had enough, he stood on the side of the road hitchhiking!.


Sunday, March 26th, 2006

We’ve had a long hot summer down, we’re a month into autumn and still we’re heading to the beach swimming and surfing, the lucky thing for me is I live really close to the beach, so it doesn’t take too much arm twisting for friends to head over for a visit, and that’s whats been happening the last several weeks, a visit, a swim and then out to dinner. One terrifying consequence of me spending time in salt water is for whatever reason or phenomena my hair stands up on end in spikes, poor Phillip at has horrible nighmares at the mere thought of of one strand of my hair raising itself from my scalp, I must mention Phillip performed many interventions on me in the early 90’s during some ‘experimental’ hair periods.





Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

Alas our buddy, friend and pal Marc has now returned to the land of the long white something or other, we said our goodbyes over yummy Mexican food at Amigo’s, hopefully Marc will be back before too long or barring that, Adam and i will be able to sashay over to Canada.


Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

And so another Mardi Gras Fair Day comes around and most every queen and dyke frets over what to wear whilst looking stylishly unconcerned. T’was a fun day and made all the more so because we organized ourselves so we were all in town at the same time and together, we moved and walked as a pack and it was hard not to feel a sense of pride at the beautiful and wonderous friends i was surrounded by, slowly the scorching sun and soup like humidity took it’s toll and friends slowly peeled away to search for cooler climes, the hardy amongst us found shade and the beer tent. I was somewhat heartend that this year i was not handed one flyer for a gym or tanning salon, perhaps i now carry the air of a lost cause on those counts, and the question begs to be asked .. why am i the only one not wearing my sunnies in the group photo’s, even tho i had them on me, should i read more into this than i am?


Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

I’m partial to a monkey belly on a guy, and i’m partial to Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys, put the two together and we have a winning combination.


Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

To placate the baying mobs of Marta fans who want more more more fashion, stand by for a spread of shere cutting edge beauty.

Photo # 1

Annie the primate Oakly, who would have ever thought tassles could look so alluring against a backdrop of natural fur? once again Marta shows that a real lady never steps outside the front door without earings, no one does ear furniture like Marta.

Photo # 2

Ya gotta love a girl who wears a ribbon tie, here we have Marta stepping out for a little show jumping, the Cindy Crawford beauty spots says ‘Look at me!, i am fantastic’.

Photo # 3

Not Marta, but a co-star showing how mutton chop sideburns were’nt the sole domain of Bernard King.


Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

Taking a dive: Lest it been thought that I’m a total grump about Ostray-yah day, there was the alluring sight of drunk boys diving and bellyflopping into the harbour that did keep us mildly amused for an hour or two :-)


Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

A couple of weeks ago while we were ‘celebrating’ Australia day i had a funny feeling in my belly. As we walked around the harbour and the crowds of people something was niggling me, it wasnt until later in the day that i figured out what it was, it was anger. As we sat on the harbour wall i looked at the crowds, many of whom were draped in the Australian flag. I kept thinking ‘Why are you celebrating?’ were/are all those people happy with the way Australia is spiraling out of control into an almost conservative dictatorship?, the constant attacks on unions, gay rights, refugee’s, workplace relations etc etc.

I dont know what angered me more, the fact that these people ‘wanted’ to celebrate or the fact that they were too indifferent to care. All i know is ‘I’ didnt feel like celebrating, how long before that changes? .. please dont let it be long, i cant stand to read too many more horror stories that our political reporting has become.

I’ve attached a couple of letters from the paper i kept from early last year soon after Howard was elected again as our prime minister, these letters give me some sort of hope that i’m not alone in my thinking.


Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

Another trawl through the Tingle video archives has turned up my collection of ‘Shirty the slightly aggressive bear’ these clips still make me laugh.


Monday, February 6th, 2006

My friend Marc from Canada is visiting at the moment, we dont get to see each other nearly enough, the last time Marc was here was in Aprill 2005, we had a short holiday in Melbourne staying with Phillip whilst there Marc and i got to visit the Andy Warhol ‘Time capsules’ exhibition, it was a fun day but very intense, Marc and i have both admired Andy for many years. The following photos were taken at the exhibition.


Saturday, February 4th, 2006

Just to keep Tyson
happy and quiet, I am today revisiting the ‘Tingle film and video archive’ I have dug out a favorite of many of us here in the Tammy inner circle, this is another golden moment from ‘Pot of gold/Pot luck’ what we have here is a maniacal bell ringer!, I kid you not, the little dynamo is/was called ‘Piffy’, this lad had a heap of mini cow bells laid out on the table before him, each tuned to perfection, the backing track would start and off he’d go, not just the melody .. oh no, the Piffster even had the harmony parts worked out.

About half way through the song the tempo suddenly doubled in time, sending poor Piffy into a whirl, he was like someone with ADD who’d never seen a ritalin pill!.

Bernard the judge gave I believe a perfect score of ’40’.

The response to Piffy was amazing when this show was rebroadcast years later, the next week as a surprise they brought Piffy back all grown up, but no less manic.

Photo # 1 Here we see Piffy revving up, is that a ruffled shirt I see under the satin jumpsuit?

Photo # 2 Piffy the performer, even during this complex song Piffy never stopped smiling, in this photo we can see he wasn’t sticking to the melody, here I think with multiple bells he was forming a complex CM7 chord, he may even have used the old trick of dampening the bells.

Photo # 3 Bernard has found a star, in what is believed to be the only time in his career as a judge, Bernard gifts Piffy with a perfect ’40’.

Photo # 4 Years later Piffy made a return to TV to prove has was no less talented and no less manic, it’s heartening to see Piffys lack of teeth had resolved itself by the time of his comeback.


Saturday, February 4th, 2006

Still the coolest place in Sydney, where else can you find advertisments for Iggy Pop and eczama within a few feet of each other?, it’s the only place i could live if i ever have to move to the big smoke, spent the last day of my summer holidays just walking the streets, shopping and eating and drinking (lots) as with any inner city place, on a hot summers day there is no place hotter, all that ashphelt and cement = hot hot hot.


Saturday, February 4th, 2006

Hmmm, me thinks it might be time to call the refrigerator mechanic in.


Saturday, February 4th, 2006

If there is one thing I cant stand is an artist who announces their retirement only to make a spectacular comeback when either the taxman comes knocking, or they realize they cant live with out the roar .. Or groan, of the crowd. One such person is the Aussie singer John Farnham who for a myriad of reasons I just cant stand, I was filled with glee when only a couple of years ago he hung up his touring boots and called it a day, alas I now read in our local paper that he will be returning to the concert stage with a show in my home town, please John, just go away.


Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

For whatever bizzare reason our regional tv station here in Wollongong WIN 4 has decided to start playing reruns of classic Aussie cop shows and drama’s at 3.00am each morning, and they have a different show every day of the week, so far we’ve had the ‘Sullivan’s’ ‘Division 4’ ‘Holiday island’ ‘Matlock’ and ‘Skyways’ (still waiting for the episode featuring a VERY young Kylie and Jason to be shown) better spark up the old vcr and catch these while i can.


Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

‘Spose there wasnt enough room on the guy’s
t-shirt to say what he really wanted to say, still .. short and to the point does the trick.


Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

I have this clipping on my notice board at home, i get pretty disheartend when i see the complacency that has overrun the gay community not only here in Aussie but world wide, not that i’m judging too harshly, our community is tired, battle scarred and bruised in the Neocon world we now live in, it’s an interesting, yet scarey .. bordering on terrifying time we now live in, and people my age (40) are at the right age to really notice the change, it was only recently .. maybe less than ten years ago, where it seemed we were moving forward with rights, relationship acknowledgement, freedom, sense of community.

We were on a roll, but now over the past few years we have had to watch as this has started to grind to a halt, as the world has shifted into an oppresive conservative age. This has all happend so quick, and it’s especially noticable down here in Aussie, where gay rights and legislation are being repealed!?, still what do you expect when something as basic as workers rights are being smashed and levelled on a daily basis.

Still, what i cling to is the notion that ‘The tide go’s in, the tide go’s out’ and that this madness wont spiral out of control and people will remember what we had and how far we had come, and then gasp it back before too much more is lost.

It will take three things for this to happen, people (Mr, Ms amd Mrs Joe Average) will have to be ..

* Less fearful of what the government feeds us

* Less greedy

* Less complacent.

This is a serious Tammy signing off.


Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

Right now i was supposed to be visiting Melbourne, but due to one thing and another i couldnt get there, the big disappointment for me missing the trip was i wont be going on an adventure with my old friend and dance party partner Beryl, we recently discovered that one of our shared heroes ‘Rose Porteous’ has moved to Toorak in Melbourne, for as long as i can remember Beryl and i have plotted and planned a meeting with Rose, but it was somewhat hindered by the fact that Rose lived in Perth.

Beryl and i have laid some ground work, including meeting Roses husband, but alas still no Rose contact for us.

I’m hoping that while Beryl is in Melbourne he’ll be able to make contact with Rose, or at the very least confirm her location.

Tho not as professional as me at celebrity stalking, Beryl has done okay on occasion, as the photo of Beryl with Tonya Harding below proves, the other photo is of Rose during one of her infamous fashion parades.


Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

This story was printed in our local paper the ‘Illawarra Mercury’ and no, it wasnt April fools day.


Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

B O-derant: Once again change is forcing me into financial straits, i’ve been driven into another round of mass purchasing after Rexona decided to change the recipe of my favorite underarm deoderant, oh that all the worlds problems should be so trivial i hear you bleat, but for me this is a disaster, it can take months or years to find the right spray for the right person.

With my old faithful i have 24 hour protection from odours, no staining, no itch .. alas now some insane person at Rexona HQ has decided that well enough wasnt good enough, so they have changed the recipe for the nook and cranny CFC propelled whiffsome mist, the ‘New and improved’ spray is nothing less than vulgar, i recoiled in horror upon my first squirt, it smells like one of those strawberry scented toilet deodourisers, like a fruit bowl has exploded under your arm. By the end of the first day of my trialling the new spray i fully expected to find a nest of wasps under my arms.

In true Tammy fashion i went out in search of the last stocks of the prized canisters, i found one little store that had a few last cans of old stock, so i swept them up and plonked down the cash.

I know i’m only delaying the enevitable, but really .. some things in life shouldnt be screwed with, thats underarm, toothpaste and soap.

In the below you can also spot my present from Adam of the ‘Oral-B ultrasonic toothbrush’ have you ever had one of these in your mouth? i suggest you try it.


Friday, January 20th, 2006

While staying down the coast Adam noticed this sign by the indoor pool, i understand the no diving symbol, but what does the one showing a caricature of someone pulling the back of their shorts down ban?


Friday, January 20th, 2006

Another of my early crushes (besides the perfectly moulded ‘Big Jim’) was Leif Garrett, i really had to keep that one under wraps. I read yesterday that Leif was arrested for fair evasion on the subway and drug possesion, i got to thinking about all those people who become huge stars and celebrities for one, maybe two years and then POW!, it’s all over and best gig they can land is Celebrity big brother or something equally as humiliating. How do these people make money?, what do they do with their days?.


Thursday, January 19th, 2006

This week the world lost the feisty actress Shelly Winters, i’ve always had a soft spot for Shelly and even at a young age recognised her camp value in the Poseidon adventure, one of my all time favorite movies .. love the Irwin Allen disaster movies. I remember when i was pretty young watching Bette Midler do an impersonation of Shelly’s charactor drowning in the Poseidon Adventure accompanied by her yelps of ‘Manny! Manny!’. I must thank Tyson
for turning up the attached photo for me. Now .. how do i get my hands on one of these Shelly dolls?


Thursday, January 19th, 2006

Whilst visiting Los Angeles one of the big thrills for me was getting to visit a heap of recording studios where most of my favorite music has been recorded, i’ll be posting more photos later of different studios, here i am at ‘Ocean way’ studios 6050 W Sunset Blvd, this is where some of ‘Good vibrations’ was recorded in the 60’s and where most recently Paul McCartney recorded his best ever solo album ‘Chaos and creation in the backyard’ i’ve attached a screen capture of Paul arriving at the studio as well as some i took.


Thursday, January 19th, 2006

Scanning ebay and the toys on there i came across two toys that were my absolute favorites to recieve when i was a kid, the first being a ‘Shaker Maker’ where you got to make junket/jelly like wobbly statues which would dry hard and you then painted up, which i might add NEVER came out looking like the ones on the box, however my all time favorite toy i got as a child was the ‘Big Jim Country Camper’ .. THIS was the creme del la creme of toys, oh how i wish i still had this, my friend Marc still has his pristine AND still in it’s original box (Adam if you’re reading this .. here is a *hint* for my next birthday) i used to be mad on collecting action figures, i had them all GI Joe (with REAL beard) Action Jackson and hottest of all ‘Big Jim’, man he was one handsome piece of plastic, there was a bearded model or a clean shaven one, i of course went for the clean shaven one, i even tried to shave my bearded GI Joe with TRAGIC results, it looked as if he’d been attacked by a razor blade wielding maniac .. which i guess in a way he was. Do you think it’s possible for a kid to have a crush on an action figure? Big Jim still looks pretty good for something that sprung from a Mattel mould.


Thursday, January 19th, 2006

Sea Change: Last weekend Adam and i took the opertunity to get away down the coast for a couple of days, for both of us it was a welcome return to old stomping ground, Adam used to go to Lak Conjola and i went to Burril Lake for our summer holidays as kids. It brought back a flood of memories for me as i walked around the camping ground we used to go to, pointing out every signifigant tree and blade of grass to Adam and probably boring him into a stupor along the way. The bonus of the trip was meeting up with our ‘old’ friend Beryl who was holidaying with friends nearby, we were lucky enough to bum a dinner invitation and spent a beautiful night having dinner outdoors with good company, the next day we got to show Beryl around some of the places we knew down there, by a strange twist my sister and neice were staying in a holiday house just up the road from ‘Rancho Beryl’ so we got a visit in there as well, this was fun as the place where my sister was staying was like a little time warp from the sixties, right down to the original furnishings and decorations, i’ve attached a few photos taken in the house, i even got a pic of a retro fly strip from the 70’s left haning next to the orange/red/pink-ish velvet curtains. If you look closely at the pic of Beryl, Adam and i next to the lake you can see the water rippling behind us, thats because an out of control dog was in the water behind us and you can see delicate Beryl is poised ready to squeal.


Monday, October 31st, 2005

Ahhhh, how sweet it is .. any ‘collectors’ out there probably have a ‘Wants list’, this is a list of your most desired items that you collect. For about 20 years #1 on my video wants list has been the early 1970’s action/adventure show ‘Primus’, this show was sort of a modern version of ‘Sea hunt’, in all my years of collecting i’ve never met anyone who even remembers the show, let alone having a copy on video tape, as far as i know it was never repeated after it’s first airing.

Imagine my joy when last Friday i scanned around ebay and found someone selling a copy of four episodes on video, got it at a really good price too. Now i have to look up my list and see whats next to get on my hit list.