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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Another op shop find last week was an album from my past, the ‘Patsy Biscoe songbook’ Patsy used to be on the Aussie kids show ‘Here’s Humphrey’ each day Patsy would lead the children at in a sing along, how exciting! i can still remember Patsy’s distinctive finger picking style on her ‘folk’ guitar, many years later poor Patsy down graded and was reduced to busking on ‘Fat cat and friends’ .. a poor man’s ‘Humphrey’ by any measure, altho Fat Cat is the source of one of my favorite jokes ever ‘What’s the difference between you and Fat Cat? .. Fat Cat had friends!’

Most recently Patsy was seen on the ‘Big Gig’ a fantastic comedy show, they used to have a charactor on the show called Pate’ Biscuit who looked and acted an awful lot like Patsy, except Pate’ would tell horrible and horrid stories to the ‘Children at home’ one night in the middle of Pate’s act the real Patsy turned up and had a go at her clone nemesis, i must have a photo of that somewhere.

The one thing i forgot was how mega Patsy’s hair was in the early day’s .. no wonder i had a soft spot for her.