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Monday, September 11th, 2006

GAY PAREE: Paris Hilton up against a brick wall in handcuff’s .. you get that.

Monday, September 11th, 2006


Monday, September 11th, 2006

CANBERRA: Adam recently won another holiday, this time to Canberra, or more acurately to a farm B&B about 25 minutes outside of the city, so on Friday afternoon we packed up Christine and headed down the highway, it’s not such a bad trip now and you can do it in about 2 1/2 hours from our place.

It was a weekend of pure gastronomical indulgence, oh my goodness did we EAT!! it was all layed on for us as part of the prize, all meals were arranged at luxury venues close to where we were staying, after we arrived at the B&B we we chaufured off to our first restaraunt which was an old converted pub from around 1889, the meal was fantastic and the evening ended on a fantastic note when the waiter who had fawned over us all night found out the meal was on the house and we were only freeloading prize winners, after ranting and huffing he turned to us and spat ‘Well i hope you were hungry!’ to me that finished off the evening better than a fine wine.

On Saturday after a yummy breakfast of eggs on toast (i was scared of the eggs, i couldnt figure out what they had done to turn them so yellow .. i later found out they were fresh from the farm .. Doh!) we drove into Canberra and visited the Australian museum which wasnt such a bad way to spend an afternoon tho i must say the city centre is looking a lot sadder and poxy than usual, civic mall was pretty deserted and those who were in there looked a little ‘gamey’ including the freeform talker who entered shops lambasting the ‘Fat arsed Amanda Vanstone’ on the top of his voice.

As we walked back to the car we heard a ‘squark’ and had time to look up and see this huge bird propel out an airborn stool in the direction of Adam, he had mere nano seconds in which to pivot out of the way, and i watched as if in slow motion the offending squirt brushed past Adam and slammed into the car bonnet next to us.

I still like Canberra, but i must admit she IS looking a little rough around the edges .. then again, John Howard DOES live there.










Thursday, September 7th, 2006


My friend Vesna once told me about this game she played ‘You should have known you were gay when .. ‘

I look back and shake my head at all my obvious sign posts, one of which was the little known 70’s sitcom ‘Alice’, there was this character called ‘Flo’ who was this tall, blonde, sassy, outrageous dresser with a loooooong southern drawl, i LOVED Flo, she lived in a trailer, she wore see through nighties, she snapped at her boss, she wore HUGE colourful PLASTIC earings and her hair was teased a mile high.

In other words the perfect gay icon, i could impersonate her, i knew all her lines and BEST of all she had a catch phrase ‘Mehhhl (Mel) kiss mah grits!!’

Why dont tv shows have catch phrases anymore? .. alas.

Thursday, September 7th, 2006


Thursday, September 7th, 2006


Word has just filtered down to Australia that four more of the Bali nine drug mules are to be executed, this sickens me to the pit of my stomach. Let me clarify this, by no means do I excuse the trafficking of heroin, i have seen the destruction this vile drug brings, but i do not believe in the death sentence and in this world of random and planned violence why cant people /governments start to act humanely, lead by example?

Two of the guys to be exacuted were 18 and 19 at the time of their arrest, i know an 18 year old ‘thinks’ they are worldly and know everything, but in truth they know very little.

How hard would it be for the Indonesian gpovernment to say to these people ‘Okay you screwed up BIG time, you were caught .. BUT we will release you under the care of your government, you must go home, lead fruitful and positive lives, if you so much as drop cigarette butt you’ll be brought back to this place to face the full weight of your sentance’

Really, turn something positive out of it .. i know there are all the arguments saying people wouldnt see any deterant, but i cannot accept that the snuffing of two lives that were under 20 years old at the time is in anyway fruitful ..

Of course then the bigger picture became clear when i read this from that rancid, waste of space Alexander Downer ..

* Mr Downer said he hoped the situation would not hurt relations between Canberra and Jakarta, still on the mend after Australia irritated Indonesia by granting protection visas to a group of Papuan asylum seekers.

Oh PLEASE, cant we just once think of ourselves and our values instead of having our nations tongue down the back of the trousers of every nation that throws us some trade crumbs!?

Count dow, dow, dow, dow, down.

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

What an interesting Saturday night i had, i got to regree into my spotty and pre spotty youth as Steve and i attended the ‘Countdown extraveganza’ at the Acer areana at Olympic park, i’ve never been to a concert here before so it was interesting to see a new venue.

The concert was choc full of old artist that warbled their way across the Countdown stage all those years ago, inc Joe Dolce’ ‘Shutupa your face!’ by the end of the first half i couldnt help but think ‘This is SO daggy!’ then i realised that Countdown always WAS daggy!

There were quite a few highlights for me, a ‘Not quite together’ Keith Lamb from ‘Hush’, John English singing his first song in the key of ‘A’ while the band were playing in ‘F’, the girls from ‘Cheetah’ who i was sure would be appearing in Mu Mu’s attempting to cover 25 years or so accumulated ‘puffiness’ but i was floored when the girls waled out looking HOT with low slung jeans and not a ‘muffin top’ to be seen.

Of course the highlight was getting to see Sherbet again, a band i adored in my youth, as soon as they came out on stage i flew down the front to garner a champagne view, it was a real joy to watch these guys comand the stage again.

It was such a great night, it was the first warm day of spring so even at 11.30pm we were walking around in just short sleeves with a lovely warm breeze guiding us home.


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