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Monday, October 31st, 2005

Cleaning out an old sash bag i used to lug around (no, not a man purse) i found languishing in the bottom the ticket stub to the first movie Adam and i ever went to see, in fact this was only the second time we’d met, the first time was the weekend before. The photo below was taken of Adam and i this past weekend at the theatre in Sydney.


Monday, October 31st, 2005

Recently Adam introduced a new concept into the household ‘Surprise present day’ this is where one random day of the year, out of the blue we get each other a present, dosnt have to be on the same day, or even month. Not so long ago Adam presented me with a gift wrapped package, the inaugaral ‘Surprise present day’. After meticulously (i’m famous for it) unwrapping the present i pulled aside the wrapper to find a fully autographed copy of Joan Crawfords book ‘My way of life’, in celebration Adam also decided to photoshop my face into an old Joan Crawford movie poster .. nice.


Monday, October 31st, 2005

After watching Johnny Depp in ‘Charley and the chocolate factory’ i realised that i’ve always had a thing for ‘Bangs’, you know those little bits of hair that drop around your ears, but your fringe stays short, sort of a mutated mullet, i’ve had a scratch around the ‘Tingle photo archives’ and come up with a couple of examples.


Monday, October 31st, 2005

Ahhhh, how sweet it is .. any ‘collectors’ out there probably have a ‘Wants list’, this is a list of your most desired items that you collect. For about 20 years #1 on my video wants list has been the early 1970’s action/adventure show ‘Primus’, this show was sort of a modern version of ‘Sea hunt’, in all my years of collecting i’ve never met anyone who even remembers the show, let alone having a copy on video tape, as far as i know it was never repeated after it’s first airing.

Imagine my joy when last Friday i scanned around ebay and found someone selling a copy of four episodes on video, got it at a really good price too. Now i have to look up my list and see whats next to get on my hit list.

CHECK 1 – 2:

Friday, October 28th, 2005

After breakfast on the beach it was time for a reality check, i had to go out (kicking and screaming) and be locked in the theatre for the afternoon to play drums for a show, normally this is fun, but today it was just SO warm and sunny outside i really didnt want to go in, but .. the show must go on, and on it did. Below is a photo of the show band, from left to right is Brett (bass), Jan Maree ( MD and keyboards), Me (drums) and Adam (piano)


Friday, October 28th, 2005

Phillip has been visiting from Melbourne these last couple of weeks, last Sunday we got up early-ish and had the most fantastic breakfast on the balcony of the Novotel hotel, each time i go there i kick myself for not making it a more regular event, it seriously has one of the best views in the world, looking out over a beautiful surf beach and our harbour, i’ve lived here all my life and i still find myself stopping and looking out at the view in wonder, sometimes we just dont know how lucky we are.


Friday, October 28th, 2005

Not much to say really ..


Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

Friday last i decided i HAD to have a release for my repressed shopping urges, as it’s now only a few short weeks until we head to the States my spending has been massively curtailed, so it was decided to send me out op shopping, this way i would get to unleash my contained urges without spending top dollar, for me it’s ALWAYS been about quantity over quality.

I was on holidays and i knew Tyson had a break from uni, knowing he shares my passion for ‘scoring a bargain’ i invited him along, on the understanding that he wouldnt undercut me on any purchases, it was a pretty succesful day, with me outlaying around $40.00 tops, and coming home with a car full of goodies.

The photos:

1) Foot:

2) Broiler: Some used foot spa’s, WHO would buy these crusty receptacles!?

3) Hot Dogs: A specialised weiner shop?, i wonder if ‘Pink soup’ will be on the

4) Jazzercise: I couldnt bring myself to purchase this video, even i now draw the
line at buying VHS.

5) Monster: I cant stand these inflatable advertising goiters, they unnerve me
not as much as those high powered, fan driven, dancing wind puppets you see
outside used car yards.

6) Burger movement: lucky we had eaten lunch just before we got to this op shop,
as we found a tepid bag of fast food abandoned on the window sill of this store.


Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

At last my first book will soon be out, prepare yourself to hunker down for a long session of ‘licking and flicking’ as you go into a page turning frenzy reading the illustrated adventures of your very own Tammy Tingles.


Saturday, October 1st, 2005

The last few days i’ve been digging through my OLD photo albums, i’m digging up all sorts of things .. the one thing i’ve noticed is how bad the printing is on most of them so i’ve had to try and fix them in photoshop, the other is i’ve always had a pretty good hand at taking photos and never really taking out of focus shots, i’ll give myself that. I really became interested in photography when i was about eleven and found an OLD box brownie, probably the one that took the attached black and white photo of me as a baby patting my sisters cat, those photos were never in focus but as time went on i started to take a few interesting photos, even if it was just a ‘click and wind’ camera. The photos below are just a couple i found in my old albums 1) is a pic of me as a toddler taken using a ‘box brownie’. 2) is a pic taken in our backyard of me holding my cat Choo Choo (most of my cats were named after ‘Top cat’ characters) .. this photo also highlights a rather troublesome ‘stance’ by myself, friends now concerned and bothered by my current pale complexion will be pleased to see that as an eleven year old i did actually have a tan. 3) Itook this pic of my cat Choo Choo, i remeber i wanted the grass in the foreground to be in focus, i sort of like this primitive shot (i was only eleven after all)


Saturday, October 1st, 2005

Now the weather is warming up here i KNOW Adam is going to try and lure me out to go bush walking, call me old fashioned .. but if it doesnt have a travelator i dont want to know, my idea of walking in the wild is crossing the grassy median strip out the front of my house, and even then i take machete and hiking boots (OOH, bindi’s!!) this pic was taken at Fitzroy falls, not really in the ‘scrub’ but still, it WAS an uneven surface!.