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Sunday, June 25th, 2006


Last night i finally got around to watching the Logies highlights dvd i purchased when i was last in Melbourne, i picked this little gem up at J&B HI FI which is without a doubt the best shop in the universe, so as i’m reliving past glories and disasters the camera panned around the room at one of the early 1970’s Logies events, for just a split second i caught sight of a woman sitting behind Patti Newton and without thinking i said ‘That’s Carmen Van Hoorn she was Don Lanes date that night’.

Can someone, ANYONE .. please mail me and tell me how it can be that i cant remember my own phone number but i can without flinch recall the name of Don Lanes date from the early 1970’s? .. i seriously worry myself sometimes, it’s not natural, it’s not normal is it?.

Monday, June 19th, 2006

JOCELYN: There’s a lot i could say, but do i need to? .. suffice to say Jocelyn has a special corner in my heart.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

GRAND DAME: What i would give to lash out at Camilla’s hair with a pair of scissors.

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

PERFECT ONE DAY: The weekend before last Adam and I spent in Qld celebrating my Brother in laws birthday, while up there we took the chance to get out a little.

PHOTO 1-2-3: ‘Q1’ (or as we called it ‘The finger of Thorpe’ so called due to the fact that they use Ian Thorpe as the buildings spokesperson) the worlds tallest residential building, amazing views all around and the elevators were a little scary as they covered 76 floors in 43 seconds!

PHOTO 4: The downside of development, the shadows.

PHOTO 5: The view down to Byron bay.

PHOTO 6-7-8: Whilst on the Gold Coast Adam myself, my sister and my niece went to a Big Brother eviction, of course we were howling and baying for blood like the best of them, but we totally paled into insignificance to some of the Big Brother obsessive there .. Truly scary people who don’t understand the line drawn between real life and reality tv.

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

After 22 years apart Split Enz have reunited and are touring Aussie, it is the classic 1980 line up from the ‘I got you’ era, some friends and i headed to Sydney to catch the 3rd gig of the tour and what a great concert it was, the Finn brothers really are one of the major talents in music, no doubt. After the concert Steve and i done the old ‘Lets wait around the stage door’ trick and it payed off with me getting cool photo’s of the band and an autograph.