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Sunday, January 6th, 2008


Hi everyone,

A quick post .. i’ll write more on my blog later but at
the moment i’m tired after a mad two days and an
AMAZING day today.

Short version of the story ..

Today i got to meet and get a photo and autograph with
Brian Wilson, he was lovely, gracious, funny.

It was a surprise getting to meet him so when i sat
down and shook his hand he said ‘Wow, your hand is
cold .. and sweaty!’ i said ‘Yeh, i’m nervous!’
i told him i’d warm it up for him and rubbed my butt,
he smiled and said ‘Maybe you could use one of those
hand dryers’ .. later as he was leaving he grabbed my
hand and said ‘Ahhh, now it’s warm’

Definately one of the top ten days of my life .. more
pics to come,

Greg xoxo