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Tuesday, February 26th, 2008


My friend Ves was at the hairdresser recently when this guy walked in, she done a double take when she looked at him and was struck by his likeness to me, i think it’s pretty close, even down to the hairline around the sides.

Friday, February 22nd, 2008


I want these books on my shelf.

Thursday, February 14th, 2008


I was reading a news article and someone mentioned the seventies and the memories that era evokes, the seventies in Aussie was far different to the seventies we are fed from the USA so i sat down and starting jotting down a few evocative words and images that came to mind, i may have mentioned ‘Sunnyboy ice blocks’ about ten times, for some reason they kept coming to mind, and the brain freeze these triangular ice treats would bring on, not to mention ripping the plastic foil inner apart at the end to see if you got a ‘FREE’!!, feel free to mail me back with anything i may have missed ..

* Surfmats and the blurting wheezing foot pumps to inflate them.

* Jerry King (Helicopter Pilot extraordinaire)from Skippy was the biggest spunk alive.

* Hamburgers were considered a staple diet (meat with 3 veg)

* Sunnyboy ice blocks.

* Making best friends with the kids on the street who had an inground pool.

* Beta vs. vhs (remember the remote-control with the cord.

* Waterbomb fights (Mrs Rogers scored a direct hit)

* Free lollies at the service station.

* Hot dogs from the service station.

* Hardies hamburgers (Hurry on down to Hardies, where tha burgers are barbequed)

* Recycling coke cans (about 3000 netted you five cents)

* Thursday night shopping.

* Street water fights in summer and running through the sprinkler.

* Skateboarding and acheiving the death wobbles.

* Glass milk-bottles.

* Denim ‘Gear and stuff’ school bags and sliding them as hard and fast down the corridor at school like a bowling ball.

* Barney banana ice creams.

* The wonderful food from the school canteen! Cheese Things, Wing Dings, Jupiter Bars, Apollo Bars, Apricot Delights (2c), Meat Pies for 18c, wax cup of cordial for 5c. Kung fu ice blocks, Rockets, Choc Blocks,Polaboys (5c), Buzz bars, Whips,Chocolate buds (2 for 1c), GI Coola.

* Bell boy bubble gum (best tasting bubble gum EVER)

* Fat Albert.

* Super Flying Fun Show with Miss Marilyn (hot!, tho i had a little ‘thing’ for Skeeter)

* Marty and Emu.

* Skeeter.

* The Wotasaname Show.

* Rex Mossop and 7’s Big game.

* Throwdowns.

* The Bionic Man/Woman.

* Action figures (i had a TON of them, including Action Jackson, Gaylan from Planet of the apes and my Gi Joe even had a REAL beard and looked freakin HOT in his orange frog man outfit, tho .. i have to admit my heart belonged to Big Jim, and the best present i ever got was ‘Big Jim’s country camper’, oh how i wish i still had that)

* Billy carts.

* Intermission at the movies.

* HR Puff n Stuff.

* 20c mixed lollies.

* Free iron on transfers (I still have a Number 96 one unironed)

* Home for dinner when the sreet lights came on.

* Amco Jeans.

* A pair of Bogarts with body shirt platform shoes,

* Ian Macrae the Hon Nick Jones,

* Frank Hyde.

* Vertical grillers.

* Ben Ean mozelle.

* Razzes.

* Choo-Choo bars.

* Ice cold little bottles of gold top milk at school.

* The African Lion Safari.

* Bullen’s animal world.

* Slippery dips and park equipment built on concrete.

* Luna park, the Rotor, River Caves and Big Dipper.

* Lighting your own fireworks on Cracker night.

* Foam eskies and surfboards…(anyone remember the KFC surfboard with the Colonel’s happy smiling face on it?

* Hang Ten t-shirts.

* Chicko rolls.

* Parents able to leave us at the pools all day without a worry.

* TV was Hanging out for Countdown on a Sunday.

* Leif Garret was a spunk (oh yehhhhh)

* Eight is Enough.

* ‘Family’ with Sada Thomson and Kristy Mcnichol.

* The Goodies.

* Dr Who.

* The Catherine Wheel that would be nailed to the garage and would always get stuck.

* Slime (also had a variety with worms)

* The Poseidon Adventure.

* Catweasel (Best kids show ever)

* Throwdowns and collecting all the little bits of rock.

* Big Macs in Red Cardboard Boxes.

* Hey Hey its Saturday (on saturday morning before Daryl turned into a knob)

* Getting colour TV after years of BW ( but only an hour a day)

* Marshalls Portable Music Machine.

* Magic Roundabout.

* Basil Brush.

* Hecktor Projector.

* Live animation Rupert the bear.

* Parka’s.

* Stubbies shorts.

* Crystal Cylinders pink and baby blue surf tees.

* Valiant Charger.

* Scooped boardshorts (still hot and back in fashion this year)