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  1. Daniel says:

    Hi Greg

    I was the complete random who mentioned your blog at the Mardi Gras party last night! You didn’t miss much with the 2 o’clock show…

    It was fun seeing you in real life!

    How was your night?


  2. greg says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I was the complete Tammy Tingles you met :-)

    Someone later in the morning showed me the 2.00am show on there iphone, they were worried they had filmed it upside down, till i explained he was having ‘issues’ standing, let alone holding a phone.

    It was fun being seen in real life, and it was funny being recognised, i’m a fame whore, so i’ll milk that five minutes into a good fifteen minutes of fame.

    My night was great, friends, laughs, colour and movement and a Gozleme stall, what more could a boy ask for.

    If you want to mail me back, my email is best to reach me .. tammytingles@yahoo.com


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