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Saturday, August 27th, 2005

‘We can be hero’s’ currently screening on the ABC on Wednesday nights is the current ‘must watch situation’ down here in Aussie. Its a mockumentary about five Australians all vying for the title of ‘Australian of the year’ i wont go into details, go to to get the full rundown, however the character that has caught my eye, and how apt as she has a chronic stigmatism, is ‘Pat Mullins’. I will say no more, other thn the fact that Pat was born with aforementioned stigmatism, and one leg massively shorter than the other.

To work around her disability Pat taught herself at a very young age to roll everywhere, at incredible speeds. I love how Pat has adjusted her fashion to work with her disability, my favorite Pat pret a’ porter moment is to come this week, when she dons a pair of ‘pewter’ heels .. one greatley extended (see below pic). I will leave you with this quote from Pat ‘I may be disabled .. but i can roll’


Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

This past weekend i’ve had Phillip from Melbourne visiting us, he stayed a few days which was fantastic, but it was a tough call for him to end up staying in Wollongong mere days after finishing a three month world trip. We had an absolute laugh trekking around and visiting a few old haunts, To give you a ‘slight’ insight into the man simply known as ‘Phillip’ on Sunday morning i woke up early-ish and was creeping around doing the washing up, the phone in the lounge rang and i raced to answer it before it woke Phillip up, i picked up the phone to find it was Phillip calling me from the next room, he informed me that he was awake, sitting up in bed, ready for breakfast and prepared to recieve visitors.
When i stay at Phillips place he makes me sleeep on a hissing, blurting, deflating air goiter. The pics below are an ‘art’ shot of Phillip i took in the side mirror of the car, the other pic is of Phillip, Adam and myself having breakfast at north Wollongong beach this past weekend.


Monday, August 22nd, 2005

A friend just sent me this amazing photo of the space shuttle breaking throught the sound barrier, awesome.


Monday, August 22nd, 2005

Some would call it a quirk, some would call it strange, others i’m sure have different names for it, but old Tamala dosnt like change .. well, not when it comes to her personal cleansing products. In the last few months two of my lathersome staples have been pulled from the shelves and ‘discontinued’ .. oh how i shudder at the finality of that word. First it was my Colgate pump pack tooth paste that got the rissole, then last week when shopping for my favorite ‘Sunflower and honey’ scented soap i saw the dreaded slip of paper on the shelve ‘Discontinued’.

With racing heart i scooped up the remaining few bars and hoofed it to the check out chick, who seeing the panic in my eyes made no attempt at idle chatter. When i got home i called the customer service number on the back wrapper of the soap, they clued me up to where i could score the last few remaining cakes in Wollongong.
I didnt dare wait till next day opening, i swished into town with my pathetic calico ‘greeny’ bags and swooped down upon the store that had the booty, i ran into a girlfriend from work who was also shopping, i was relieved to find out that she wasnt there to challenge me for the covetted cakes, but rather to pick up some eye liner. Knowing me as long as she has, she just gave me a gentle smile when she copped sight of my bags of lather goods.

I’m sad to say that the last of my toothpaste has now gone, i have moved on, but it will never be the same as the golden days of the pump pack, as some sort of solice the soap is stretching out quite nicely, i predict i should make it till at least December, before i have to make that all important decision as to what new soap i’ll be moving on to.


Thursday, August 18th, 2005

Currently being spun on Tammys electrolla ‘Three in one’ is this fab platter of aural delights.


Thursday, August 18th, 2005

In preparation for our visit to New York, i have started to trial a few outfits and moves for my time there, below is a pic of me on our Balcony in Wollongong, practicing swishing out onto our Park Avenue balcony in New York, i would like to thank Tyson for the loan of his dog, and Beryl for the hire of her wig ‘Dahhhh-link i luv ya, but gimme Park Aven-oo’.


Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

Not many people know, but Australia was the first country outside of their native Sweden to really break ABBA, ABBAMANIA was huge down here, still is .. especially after the movie ‘Pricilla – Queen of the desert’, recently i found these pics of ABBA from an early promotional visit to Aussie, i had no recollection of the band appearing on so many of our local (for want of a better word) ‘variety’ shows, i’m at once joyed, AND dismayed to see that ABBA made appearences on ‘Bandstand with Daryl Sommers’ ‘The Done Lane show’ and most disturbingly of all ‘Jimmy Hannan’s celebrity squares’, i suppose if the Beatles can get their start in a fruit cellar, then ABBA can cavort with Jimmy Hannan on their rise to fame and music world dominance.


Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

While i’m on a roll .. nothing much to be said about this next pic really.


Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

As our trip to the U.S draws ever nearer, friends are starting to show signs of concern about my probable behaviour at the two Paul McCartney concerts i am going to whilst over there. Its no secret that i am a BIG fan, and i become ‘quite’ emotional whenever i’ve been to one of his concerts, or had the opportunity to meet him, most famously after meeting Paul and shaking his hand for the first time, my friends turned to see that i had accomodated most of my entire right hand into my mouth, i feat i have never been able to replicate since.

So it is with a growing sense of joy and enthusiasm that i prepare for my next Paul encounter, my first in twelve years. In the movie ‘I want to hold your hand’ (about a group of mostly screaming teenage female fans trying to meet The Beatles) is a male character called ‘Ringo Klaus’, he is every bit as insane as the screaming girls, some friends have taken to refering to me by this name .. i hope i dont let them down. Below i’ve attached a couple of screen captures of Ringo Klaus in full flight at a concert, i’m currently in training practicing his moves.


Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

Everyone is asking me ‘What are you most looking forward to seeing and doing on your trip to America?’ thats a REALLY hard question, but i’m slowly whittling down my priorities. Definatley in my top five things to see over there are the parading plastic surgery disasters, i want to spend a good few hours just sitting around Rodeo drive watching the passing throng of the ‘stretched people’.

I have a somewhat disturbing facination for people, who commit heinous acts upon their faces and bodys with scalpels, chemicals and just plain old fashion elastic bands all in the name of youth and beauty. One of my favorite ‘stretchy’ people to watch at the moment is Burt Reynolds, his face looks as if he’s in one of those ‘G’ force simulators.


Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

Sniffing around ebay on the weekend, i came across a set of dvd’s of the childrens tv series from the early 1970’s ‘Here come the double deckers’, this totally blew me away!, i hadnt seen or really thought of this show since i first watched it in about 1973 (you do the math) memories came flooding back, i’m not sure if its just me, but i have a pretty good memory and recall, and when something triggers it, it can be pretty vivid. I remember sounds, smells, feelings etc. As soon as i saw these couple of images of the Double deckers, i was transported WAAAAY back.

When i was but a mere nipper, television was a total escape for me, i would become immersed in some parallel reality, the Double deckers was custom made for this escapism. The story revolved around a group of kids Tiger, Brains, Scooper, Sticks, Doughnut, Billie, Spring who had a secret hideaway, it was a big red double decker London bus, this served as the kids club house, and hideaway, from here they got into all sorts of adventures, my favorite character was ‘Sticks’ he was the drummer of the gang, boy how i wanted to hang out with those guys, they really had the ultimate cubby house.

I have a strong memory of being depressed, not sad, i mean REALLY depressed when the series came to an end, they only made seventeen episodes as well. I dont know of anyone else amongst my friends who remembers this show, i seem to have watched a few tv shows that very few others recall, other big shows for me, but that no one else seems to recall are ‘The rupert the bear show’ this wasnt a cartoon, but they used puppets. A couple of other shows i really liked were ‘Hotdog’ (with Jonathan Winters), ‘The Hector projector show’, ‘Comedy capers’, ‘Mack and Myer for hire’ (this last one i dont think anyone else but me watched, or ever saw)

I’m just going to clear my throat and give you a rendition of the Double deckers theme song .. ahem ..

Get on board! Get on board!
Come and join the Double Deckers.
Take a ticket for a journey,
On our double decker London bus.
Ring the bell (ding! ding!),
Toot the horn (honk! honk!),
When you ride with the Double Deckers.
Fun and laughter is what we’re after,
On our double double double decker bus.

You’re aboard! You’re aboard!
You’re aboard with the Double Deckers.
Fun and laughter is what we’re after,
On our double double double decker bus.
La la la! La la la!
La la la la la la la la.
La la la la la la la la,
On our double decker London bus.


Saturday, August 13th, 2005

Years ago there was a band called Jellyfish and in this band was a lad by the name of Jason Falkner amazingly Jason wasnt the front person for this group. The fact that each member was super talented is probably what caused the band to implode after only two albums, it just couldnt contain the talent.
So Jason went solo and i followed after him, he has released two of my favorite albums ever ‘Author unknown’ and ‘Can you still feel’. In 1996 Jason toured Aussie, and it was fantastic to see his solo show at the Anandale pub up in Sydney, it was at this show that i heard ‘Both belong’ for the first time, i was totally floored by this song, and as soon as i got home i set about finding out what this song was and where i could find it, its STILL one of my favorite songs ever. I brought my camera up for the concert, but i was so ‘into’ the show i didnt take half as many pics as i usually do at shows, in a few days i’ll post some more pics of Jason in Sydney, i actually sent Jason at set, but i never heard if he recieved them or not. After the show i hung around the stage and had a beer, before long Jason came out for a bevy as well, with my infamous motto of ‘All arse and no class’ i went up to Jason and introduced myself, we had a really nice chat for ten minutes or so, sitting on the edge of the stage we talked about guitars, Sydney etc i must add Jason also promised me he’d be back the following year for a ‘proper’ tour .. Jason, i’m still waiting, are you listening? :-) Before i headed back home to Wollongong, i got a photo with him as well as getting him to sign my cd. From the first day of hearing Jason it’s been my dream for him to work with Paul McCartney, like Paul, Jason plays ALL the instruments on his cd’s, and not just through synth’s or anything, he is a total virtuoso. You can imagine my glee when earlier this year Jason posted on his web site that he was working with Paul, on Macca’s new solo album. With the release of Pauls album imminent we arent sure if the Jason tracks are on it, or if they will be bonus tracks, whatever .. i just cant wait to hear them, and i cant believe this pair have joined forces, it can only be good.


Friday, August 12th, 2005

As promised, some more images from my archives of the totally fab fashion plate ‘Marta Hari’.

Image 1 Above: A stunning pink twin set, featuring Marta’s patented fur concealing white stockings, please note the white high heels and the clear plastic inflatable chair Marta is lolling about on.

Image 2 Above: Not Marta, but an extra from the show. I’m impressed with anyone wearing ‘Jackie O’ glasses.

Image 3 Above: Not sure, but i think this could be tartan Marta is wearing.

Image 4 Above: Marta scrubs up! i like the disguise of the ‘Lennon’ glasses, what is it with super heroes and tv characters who think by donning a pair of glasses they become unrecognisable?, i also must add that i have come out of anesthetic before, and i’m sure through the ensuing ether haze, that i’ve seen monkeys dressed as doctors in the recovery ward.


Wednesday, August 10th, 2005

Yesterday i had to take my mum and aunty up to Bondi to see a medical specialist, i was sitting in the waiting room and the professor walked out with my mum, he came over, said hello and shook my hand. My aunty then said to me ‘Professor helped deliver you’ .. it was just one of those weird moments in life, shaking the hand of the man who brought me into this world.

Mmmmmm, SPICEY!:

Monday, August 8th, 2005

Last night was Chilli night in the Tingle household, across the top of my invented recipe i have written the following guide for my ‘Tingle Chilli’ and that is, ‘Maximum flavour, to create maximum offence’. My chilli never fails on either front.


Sunday, August 7th, 2005

On my last visit to Melbourne in April, i left one of my jackets behind by mistake, silly me entrusted its safe return to Phillip and Jake. Months later when i wore it out, i was walking through Sydney with a group of friends, i felt something in the pocket, upon reaching in, i pulled out a box of Jakes ‘Stomach cleansing tablets’ ie, high octane laxitives. This was dificult enough to explain away, then last night i wore the jacket again, someone pointed to the top right of the jacket, and sure enough, there was a message from Jake Dymo’d to the lapel .. what other hidden secrets could this item of clothing possibly hold!?


Sunday, August 7th, 2005

After years of waiting, at last my favorite tv show, from when i was a kid, is out on dvd. Not many people remember this show, but those that do have a soft spot for it. Basically it was an adventure show, that starred monkey’s instead of humans, the cool thing was they used to drive cars, play tennis and ride moter bikes etc. Looking back and watching the show now, i’m not too sure PETA would agree with some of the ways the animals were treated, far more cruel however were the clothes, and fashion styles they dressed the stars of the show in. I’ve been capturing screen grabs of some of the best fashion moments from the show, by far ‘Marta Hari’ was the ‘IT’ girl, of the primate world back then. Over the coming weeks, i’ll be featuring some of Marta’s finest sartorial moments. Please pay special attention to Marta’s foot wear, even as a child i was amazed to see a monkey walk in high heels. In the second photo, check out Marta’s funky crocheted hat, the third photo shows that a chenile dressing gown can look pretty cool on a monkey, and the fourth photo shows a stunning example, of the wild high heels Marta used to prance around in .. this pair is silver