Sniffing around ebay on the weekend, i came across a set of dvd’s of the childrens tv series from the early 1970’s ‘Here come the double deckers’, this totally blew me away!, i hadnt seen or really thought of this show since i first watched it in about 1973 (you do the math) memories came flooding back, i’m not sure if its just me, but i have a pretty good memory and recall, and when something triggers it, it can be pretty vivid. I remember sounds, smells, feelings etc. As soon as i saw these couple of images of the Double deckers, i was transported WAAAAY back.

When i was but a mere nipper, television was a total escape for me, i would become immersed in some parallel reality, the Double deckers was custom made for this escapism. The story revolved around a group of kids Tiger, Brains, Scooper, Sticks, Doughnut, Billie, Spring who had a secret hideaway, it was a big red double decker London bus, this served as the kids club house, and hideaway, from here they got into all sorts of adventures, my favorite character was ‘Sticks’ he was the drummer of the gang, boy how i wanted to hang out with those guys, they really had the ultimate cubby house.

I have a strong memory of being depressed, not sad, i mean REALLY depressed when the series came to an end, they only made seventeen episodes as well. I dont know of anyone else amongst my friends who remembers this show, i seem to have watched a few tv shows that very few others recall, other big shows for me, but that no one else seems to recall are ‘The rupert the bear show’ this wasnt a cartoon, but they used puppets. A couple of other shows i really liked were ‘Hotdog’ (with Jonathan Winters), ‘The Hector projector show’, ‘Comedy capers’, ‘Mack and Myer for hire’ (this last one i dont think anyone else but me watched, or ever saw)

I’m just going to clear my throat and give you a rendition of the Double deckers theme song .. ahem ..

Get on board! Get on board!
Come and join the Double Deckers.
Take a ticket for a journey,
On our double decker London bus.
Ring the bell (ding! ding!),
Toot the horn (honk! honk!),
When you ride with the Double Deckers.
Fun and laughter is what we’re after,
On our double double double decker bus.

You’re aboard! You’re aboard!
You’re aboard with the Double Deckers.
Fun and laughter is what we’re after,
On our double double double decker bus.
La la la! La la la!
La la la la la la la la.
La la la la la la la la,
On our double decker London bus.

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