Years ago there was a band called Jellyfish http://www.millennianet.com/dumyhead/Fanindex.html and in this band was a lad by the name of Jason Falkner http://www.jasonfalkner.com/ amazingly Jason wasnt the front person for this group. The fact that each member was super talented is probably what caused the band to implode after only two albums, it just couldnt contain the talent.
So Jason went solo and i followed after him, he has released two of my favorite albums ever ‘Author unknown’ and ‘Can you still feel’. In 1996 Jason toured Aussie, and it was fantastic to see his solo show at the Anandale pub up in Sydney, it was at this show that i heard ‘Both belong’ for the first time, i was totally floored by this song, and as soon as i got home i set about finding out what this song was and where i could find it, its STILL one of my favorite songs ever. I brought my camera up for the concert, but i was so ‘into’ the show i didnt take half as many pics as i usually do at shows, in a few days i’ll post some more pics of Jason in Sydney, i actually sent Jason at set, but i never heard if he recieved them or not. After the show i hung around the stage and had a beer, before long Jason came out for a bevy as well, with my infamous motto of ‘All arse and no class’ i went up to Jason and introduced myself, we had a really nice chat for ten minutes or so, sitting on the edge of the stage we talked about guitars, Sydney etc i must add Jason also promised me he’d be back the following year for a ‘proper’ tour .. Jason, i’m still waiting, are you listening? :-) Before i headed back home to Wollongong, i got a photo with him as well as getting him to sign my cd. From the first day of hearing Jason it’s been my dream for him to work with Paul McCartney, like Paul, Jason plays ALL the instruments on his cd’s, and not just through synth’s or anything, he is a total virtuoso. You can imagine my glee when earlier this year Jason posted on his web site that he was working with Paul, on Macca’s new solo album. With the release of Pauls album imminent we arent sure if the Jason tracks are on it, or if they will be bonus tracks, whatever .. i just cant wait to hear them, and i cant believe this pair have joined forces, it can only be good.

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