As promised, some more images from my archives of the totally fab fashion plate ‘Marta Hari’.

Image 1 Above: A stunning pink twin set, featuring Marta’s patented fur concealing white stockings, please note the white high heels and the clear plastic inflatable chair Marta is lolling about on.

Image 2 Above: Not Marta, but an extra from the show. I’m impressed with anyone wearing ‘Jackie O’ glasses.

Image 3 Above: Not sure, but i think this could be tartan Marta is wearing.

Image 4 Above: Marta scrubs up! i like the disguise of the ‘Lennon’ glasses, what is it with super heroes and tv characters who think by donning a pair of glasses they become unrecognisable?, i also must add that i have come out of anesthetic before, and i’m sure through the ensuing ether haze, that i’ve seen monkeys dressed as doctors in the recovery ward.

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