After years of waiting, at last my favorite tv show, from when i was a kid, is out on dvd. Not many people remember this show, but those that do have a soft spot for it. Basically it was an adventure show, that starred monkey’s instead of humans, the cool thing was they used to drive cars, play tennis and ride moter bikes etc. Looking back and watching the show now, i’m not too sure PETA would agree with some of the ways the animals were treated, far more cruel however were the clothes, and fashion styles they dressed the stars of the show in. I’ve been capturing screen grabs of some of the best fashion moments from the show, by far ‘Marta Hari’ was the ‘IT’ girl, of the primate world back then. Over the coming weeks, i’ll be featuring some of Marta’s finest sartorial moments. Please pay special attention to Marta’s foot wear, even as a child i was amazed to see a monkey walk in high heels. In the second photo, check out Marta’s funky crocheted hat, the third photo shows that a chenile dressing gown can look pretty cool on a monkey, and the fourth photo shows a stunning example, of the wild high heels Marta used to prance around in .. this pair is silver

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