Part of the deal we got to stay in L.A is a two day pass into Disneyland, i dont think there is anyone on the planet who hasnt dreampt of going to Disneyland at some stage. I have such colourful memories of watching the ‘Mouse factory’ ( Where IS that cassette?) and like a lot of people ‘Disneyland’ on Sunday nights, where channel nine would play a Disney movie or one hour documentary. One of the first big events in my life was when my mum and sister took my niece Michelle and i to Moore park in Sydney to watch ‘Disney on parade’, i wish i still had the program for that, it was so amazing for a kid to watch, i just remember the coulor and Cinderella’s dress was made up of hundreds of small fairy lights. Altho i’m pumped to be going to see Pauls concerts .. i must confess to a healthy inner squeal at the thought of going to Disneyland, especially now that i’m over my fear of wild rides and roller coasters. I imagine once i’m there i’ll be pushing kids out of the lines, running around with my mouse ears and groping at the life size puppet charactors, is it true they have ‘walkers’ to protect them from wayward accosters?.

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