As our trip to the U.S draws ever nearer, friends are starting to show signs of concern about my probable behaviour at the two Paul McCartney concerts i am going to whilst over there. Its no secret that i am a BIG fan, and i become ‘quite’ emotional whenever i’ve been to one of his concerts, or had the opportunity to meet him, most famously after meeting Paul and shaking his hand for the first time, my friends turned to see that i had accomodated most of my entire right hand into my mouth, i feat i have never been able to replicate since.

So it is with a growing sense of joy and enthusiasm that i prepare for my next Paul encounter, my first in twelve years. In the movie ‘I want to hold your hand’ (about a group of mostly screaming teenage female fans trying to meet The Beatles) is a male character called ‘Ringo Klaus’, he is every bit as insane as the screaming girls, some friends have taken to refering to me by this name .. i hope i dont let them down. Below i’ve attached a couple of screen captures of Ringo Klaus in full flight at a concert, i’m currently in training practicing his moves.

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