‘We can be hero’s’ currently screening on the ABC on Wednesday nights is the current ‘must watch situation’ down here in Aussie. Its a mockumentary about five Australians all vying for the title of ‘Australian of the year’ i wont go into details, go to to get the full rundown, however the character that has caught my eye, and how apt as she has a chronic stigmatism, is ‘Pat Mullins’. I will say no more, other thn the fact that Pat was born with aforementioned stigmatism, and one leg massively shorter than the other.

To work around her disability Pat taught herself at a very young age to roll everywhere, at incredible speeds. I love how Pat has adjusted her fashion to work with her disability, my favorite Pat pret a’ porter moment is to come this week, when she dons a pair of ‘pewter’ heels .. one greatley extended (see below pic). I will leave you with this quote from Pat ‘I may be disabled .. but i can roll’

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