This past weekend i’ve had Phillip from Melbourne visiting us, he stayed a few days which was fantastic, but it was a tough call for him to end up staying in Wollongong mere days after finishing a three month world trip. We had an absolute laugh trekking around and visiting a few old haunts, To give you a ‘slight’ insight into the man simply known as ‘Phillip’ on Sunday morning i woke up early-ish and was creeping around doing the washing up, the phone in the lounge rang and i raced to answer it before it woke Phillip up, i picked up the phone to find it was Phillip calling me from the next room, he informed me that he was awake, sitting up in bed, ready for breakfast and prepared to recieve visitors.
When i stay at Phillips place he makes me sleeep on a hissing, blurting, deflating air goiter. The pics below are an ‘art’ shot of Phillip i took in the side mirror of the car, the other pic is of Phillip, Adam and myself having breakfast at north Wollongong beach this past weekend.

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