Sea Change: Last weekend Adam and i took the opertunity to get away down the coast for a couple of days, for both of us it was a welcome return to old stomping ground, Adam used to go to Lak Conjola and i went to Burril Lake for our summer holidays as kids. It brought back a flood of memories for me as i walked around the camping ground we used to go to, pointing out every signifigant tree and blade of grass to Adam and probably boring him into a stupor along the way. The bonus of the trip was meeting up with our ‘old’ friend Beryl who was holidaying with friends nearby, we were lucky enough to bum a dinner invitation and spent a beautiful night having dinner outdoors with good company, the next day we got to show Beryl around some of the places we knew down there, by a strange twist my sister and neice were staying in a holiday house just up the road from ‘Rancho Beryl’ so we got a visit in there as well, this was fun as the place where my sister was staying was like a little time warp from the sixties, right down to the original furnishings and decorations, i’ve attached a few photos taken in the house, i even got a pic of a retro fly strip from the 70’s left haning next to the orange/red/pink-ish velvet curtains. If you look closely at the pic of Beryl, Adam and i next to the lake you can see the water rippling behind us, thats because an out of control dog was in the water behind us and you can see delicate Beryl is poised ready to squeal.

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