Scanning ebay and the toys on there i came across two toys that were my absolute favorites to recieve when i was a kid, the first being a ‘Shaker Maker’ where you got to make junket/jelly like wobbly statues which would dry hard and you then painted up, which i might add NEVER came out looking like the ones on the box, however my all time favorite toy i got as a child was the ‘Big Jim Country Camper’ .. THIS was the creme del la creme of toys, oh how i wish i still had this, my friend Marc still has his pristine AND still in it’s original box (Adam if you’re reading this .. here is a *hint* for my next birthday) i used to be mad on collecting action figures, i had them all GI Joe (with REAL beard) Action Jackson and hottest of all ‘Big Jim’, man he was one handsome piece of plastic, there was a bearded model or a clean shaven one, i of course went for the clean shaven one, i even tried to shave my bearded GI Joe with TRAGIC results, it looked as if he’d been attacked by a razor blade wielding maniac .. which i guess in a way he was. Do you think it’s possible for a kid to have a crush on an action figure? Big Jim still looks pretty good for something that sprung from a Mattel mould.

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