Chaos is surrounding poor Rose Porteous at the moment, first she was arrested for falsifying a medical pescription, she had altered the script so it had more repeats .. a lot more repeats. The best part is Rose’s defense, she claims she mistook the script for a lotto form and that’s why she wrote down the large number! is it any wonder we love her so?

When Rose was due to appear in court to face the charges she was aledgedy too ill to attend, this didn’t stop her however appearing at a charity shoe auction, you can see Rose in the photo below modeling her shoe with a HUGE diamond on the toe.

Soon after Rose collapsed .. I have a vast number of clippings documenting Rose’s collapses, I think Rose has dropped more times than Jason Donovan at his most ‘asthmatic’ but this time it’s reported Rose has had a stroke.

Compounding this was the trauma of watching her former home .. the legendary ‘Prix d’amour’ smashed to the ground by the demolition men, what a sad end to a house that has seen so many outrageous acts and incidents.


Rose raises a foot adorned with a sparkly rock for charity.


The tractors claw gouges away at Roses portico, it almost looks like performance art.


My photo of Rose which adorns my fridge door, here we can see i have added Adam’s false eyelashes to Rose’s photo .. stunning.

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