Right now i was supposed to be visiting Melbourne, but due to one thing and another i couldnt get there, the big disappointment for me missing the trip was i wont be going on an adventure with my old friend and dance party partner Beryl, we recently discovered that one of our shared heroes ‘Rose Porteous’ has moved to Toorak in Melbourne, for as long as i can remember Beryl and i have plotted and planned a meeting with Rose, but it was somewhat hindered by the fact that Rose lived in Perth.

Beryl and i have laid some ground work, including meeting Roses husband, but alas still no Rose contact for us.

I’m hoping that while Beryl is in Melbourne he’ll be able to make contact with Rose, or at the very least confirm her location.

Tho not as professional as me at celebrity stalking, Beryl has done okay on occasion, as the photo of Beryl with Tonya Harding below proves, the other photo is of Rose during one of her infamous fashion parades.

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