B O-derant: Once again change is forcing me into financial straits, i’ve been driven into another round of mass purchasing after Rexona decided to change the recipe of my favorite underarm deoderant, oh that all the worlds problems should be so trivial i hear you bleat, but for me this is a disaster, it can take months or years to find the right spray for the right person.

With my old faithful i have 24 hour protection from odours, no staining, no itch .. alas now some insane person at Rexona HQ has decided that well enough wasnt good enough, so they have changed the recipe for the nook and cranny CFC propelled whiffsome mist, the ‘New and improved’ spray is nothing less than vulgar, i recoiled in horror upon my first squirt, it smells like one of those strawberry scented toilet deodourisers, like a fruit bowl has exploded under your arm. By the end of the first day of my trialling the new spray i fully expected to find a nest of wasps under my arms.

In true Tammy fashion i went out in search of the last stocks of the prized canisters, i found one little store that had a few last cans of old stock, so i swept them up and plonked down the cash.

I know i’m only delaying the enevitable, but really .. some things in life shouldnt be screwed with, thats underarm, toothpaste and soap.

In the below you can also spot my present from Adam of the ‘Oral-B ultrasonic toothbrush’ have you ever had one of these in your mouth? i suggest you try it.

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