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Saturday, February 4th, 2006

Just to keep Tyson
happy and quiet, I am today revisiting the ‘Tingle film and video archive’ I have dug out a favorite of many of us here in the Tammy inner circle, this is another golden moment from ‘Pot of gold/Pot luck’ what we have here is a maniacal bell ringer!, I kid you not, the little dynamo is/was called ‘Piffy’, this lad had a heap of mini cow bells laid out on the table before him, each tuned to perfection, the backing track would start and off he’d go, not just the melody .. oh no, the Piffster even had the harmony parts worked out.

About half way through the song the tempo suddenly doubled in time, sending poor Piffy into a whirl, he was like someone with ADD who’d never seen a ritalin pill!.

Bernard the judge gave I believe a perfect score of ’40’.

The response to Piffy was amazing when this show was rebroadcast years later, the next week as a surprise they brought Piffy back all grown up, but no less manic.

Photo # 1 Here we see Piffy revving up, is that a ruffled shirt I see under the satin jumpsuit?

Photo # 2 Piffy the performer, even during this complex song Piffy never stopped smiling, in this photo we can see he wasn’t sticking to the melody, here I think with multiple bells he was forming a complex CM7 chord, he may even have used the old trick of dampening the bells.

Photo # 3 Bernard has found a star, in what is believed to be the only time in his career as a judge, Bernard gifts Piffy with a perfect ’40’.

Photo # 4 Years later Piffy made a return to TV to prove has was no less talented and no less manic, it’s heartening to see Piffys lack of teeth had resolved itself by the time of his comeback.