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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

While we’re on the subject of fashion, i’d like to introduce you all to ANOTHER Beryl. This is the charactor played by Leila Hayes on the old Aussie soap opera ‘Son’s and Daughters’. Beryl was (in)famous for her .. ahem, fashion sense, even all those years ago i recoiled in subdued horror at some of the clothes Beryl wore on this show.

Would it be giving too much away to confess that i used to tape the show and edit together Beryls fashion faux pas?, i recently came across this wonderous 45 minute tape and transferred it to DVD, you can NEVER have Beryl in too good quality. Along with Marta Hari i will be featuring more of Beryl’s fashions in the future, as if you needed proof of what a total freak i am, i have attached a couple of screen captures below from my prized ‘Highlights of Beryl’ dvd, the other picture is a publicity photo of Beryl taken dangerously close to