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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Piss elegance comes to Tempe, with great joy i noticed that ‘Harry’s cafe de wheels’ has opened an outlet in this formerly dowdy suburb, it’s also located on the road i use to get home. Harry’s specialises in ‘Pies’, and his vege pie with mashed pea’s and gravey float is just beyond delish, i’m feverishly masticating at the mere thought of it. The cool thing is they have really done over the location, it used to house a fetid and skanky fast food outlet, the most nourishing thing about that place was the giant fibreglass, neon lit hotdog that used to sit on the roof.

The solid frankfurter also used to house every bird within a ten kilometre radius, of course the birds used it as a repository to evacuate their feathery bowels. Over time the mountain of solidifying bird shit far exceeded the height of the plastinated onions and sourkraut, to somewhat form a turd monument to the Materhorn. You know .. i have to admit, there is a little corner of my heart that secretly misses the shit caked weiner.