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Sunday, January 29th, 2006

A few weeks ago I splurged and brought myself a DVD recorder, the best thing about this is how easy it is to transfer old video tapes to DVD. At last count I had over 670 hours of video tape of all sorts of things I’ve taped over the years, to teach myself how to use this new machine I thought I should dig out some interesting stuff and have a play around with it.

The first thing I reached for was my old episodes of ‘Pot of gold/Pot luck’,
this was an amateur talent show that showcased some truly hideous performances, but best of all one of the judges was Bernard King, Bernard was merciless in his judging and no one was spared his barbs. After transferring the show to DVD I have been going through the episodes getting screen captures of some of the contestants.

The first one I’m featuring was a guy called Todd Rixon, he was a dancer .. of sorts, flailing and prancing around the stage, he was letting fly with a few high kicks until one was a little too high, in an instant he had snapped his ham string muscle.

Photo # 1 The twang heard around the world, as Todd goes for one high kick too many and comes unstuck when his hamstring gives way

Photo # 2 Here we see Todd spiraling out of control as he bravely attempts to uphold the adage ‘The show must go on’, alas as we can see by the contorted feet and body in mid spasm Todd was only going one place, and that was down.

Photo # 3 The greatest indignity of all, poor Todd having to be held up by host Ernie Sigley, what a trouper Todd was, before his final collapse and acknowledgement of defeat when he realized his legs no longer worked, he tried to incorporate some Michael Jackson ‘Beat it-esque’ hand moves to deflect attention from his flagging legs. Bernard, in a rare moment of kindness realized you cant kick a man when there is a very real chance he may never dance again, so he kindly offered up a score of 20 sympathy points.