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Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Stoked!!, i’ve been banned by Gloria Jeans coffee from their site and Facebook page, due to my well thought out, and non inflamatory responses to some posts on their wall, that took to task the Gay communities right to question Gloria Jeans support of harmful, anti gay fundementalist organisations.

I’m in good company as they banned anyone that had a counter argument that made sense, or even had a whiff of logic attached to it. I guess this is proof positive that Gloria Jeans really is a company steeped in disingenuous principles, and the fetid air of censorship and control.

Now, all i need is to get the Rev Fred Phelps and his crew from the Westbro Baptist Church to picket outside my house, and i’ll be off the scale credible! :-)


Monday, June 25th, 2012

Excellent concert, Gaga was great, pity about the shit staging that obstructed everyones view (besides the main stage which was spectacular).

Perhaps the highlight (because it was such a lowlight) was the most heinous, pathetic, dire support act i’ve ever had the misfortune to experience. “Lady Beryl” or “Lady Sharon” or whatever the fuck their name was had to be a joke, and a piss take of the highest order. I’ve seen drag shows where the Queens on stage have taken a whole box of Rohypnol, shit their pants, suffered a minor prolapse, fallen over, pissed in a punters middy glass and told everyone to flat out fuck off, that were more entertaining than Gaga’s support act. Other than that, top night.