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Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Just the thought of nits makes my flesh crawl, how very common they are, Nits .. aka Head Lice, it really sounds suburban, if i ever get them i’ll be telling everyone i have Cranial Scabies, or Mutated Ringworm Bitey Monsters, but not nits, far, far too common for me.

You have to wonder about this salon, do the people also get a Toni perm whilst they’re waiting for the tight toothed, metalic comb to draw through there greasy infested hair?, do they dip the combs into glass jars of battery acid instead of the equally mysterious, but more standard, white fluid in a jar you see on every barbers bench?. Do they sit around under hair driers gossiping, and supping tea, while waiting for the nest behind there earlobe to expell it’s payload of scampering crusteacia?. I’ve long felt hairdressers should be able to swipe your medicare card for all the counselling they do during the course of a normal visit for a ‘Cut, colour, curl, condition’, however anyone at this salon listening to the problems of people trying to expell an invasive eco system out of there hair, i think deserves a little more than a swipe of a medicare card.