Word has just filtered down to Australia that four more of the Bali nine drug mules are to be executed, this sickens me to the pit of my stomach. Let me clarify this, by no means do I excuse the trafficking of heroin, i have seen the destruction this vile drug brings, but i do not believe in the death sentence and in this world of random and planned violence why cant people /governments start to act humanely, lead by example?

Two of the guys to be exacuted were 18 and 19 at the time of their arrest, i know an 18 year old ‘thinks’ they are worldly and know everything, but in truth they know very little.

How hard would it be for the Indonesian gpovernment to say to these people ‘Okay you screwed up BIG time, you were caught .. BUT we will release you under the care of your government, you must go home, lead fruitful and positive lives, if you so much as drop cigarette butt you’ll be brought back to this place to face the full weight of your sentance’

Really, turn something positive out of it .. i know there are all the arguments saying people wouldnt see any deterant, but i cannot accept that the snuffing of two lives that were under 20 years old at the time is in anyway fruitful ..

Of course then the bigger picture became clear when i read this from that rancid, waste of space Alexander Downer ..

* Mr Downer said he hoped the situation would not hurt relations between Canberra and Jakarta, still on the mend after Australia irritated Indonesia by granting protection visas to a group of Papuan asylum seekers.

Oh PLEASE, cant we just once think of ourselves and our values instead of having our nations tongue down the back of the trousers of every nation that throws us some trade crumbs!?

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