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Saturday, July 17th, 2004

Just back from a fab visit to Melbourne where i stayed with my friend Phillip and his flatmate in crime Jake, this is the first time i’ve ever visited Melbourne in the dead of winter, and i loved it, apart from picking up some bizarre flu and ending the whole journey in a rumble with a taxi driver, well, i actually sort of enjoyed the screaming match with the cabbie, apparently its not the done thing in Melbourne to ask a cabbie to give you a lift to the airport bus, as i found out rather violently ‘THOSE BUSES TAKE OUR LIVELYHOODS, THEY TAKE OUR FARES, YOU WALK!!’.

Well, i didnt walk, but the taxi company IS getting a letter from me. Whilst in Melbourne i got to enact, or perform an ‘art event’ i’ve wanted to do for years, i’ve planned it, but never been able to pull it off.

Projecting a movie or slides onto the side of a large building, on my last visit down
south i scouted out the perfect location, and on this visit i brought a projector and
a carousel of slides. After trialing the event in the lounge, the next night we swung
the projector into action, out the window of Phillips apartment, and for an hour we had a slide show on the side of the high rise building next door in the middle of the central buisness district.

The images were quite visible from the street, and i think it turned out pretty funky.

I managed to snap a photo which is posted below.