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Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Today i purchased my first apartment, that’s a pretty grown up thing to do. It’s a huge downsize in space from where i’m living now, but that is a good thing, for the longest while i’ve been overwhelmed by the detris and flotsome one collects over a lifetime. For the past six months i’ve been shedding myself of these material burdons, or items which once brought me temporary pleasure, but now hold little interest to me. It’s been so cleansing, and something of a relief to let these things go, i want to make room for whatever lays ahead, clear the decks as it were. For the past year i’ve been looking at properties with an eye to purchase, i had a definate financial limit, and as i’ve found when looking for a place, compromises have to be made, and options weighed up. I chose a smaller place, but in an area that feels like home, is familiar to me, and about a five minute walk away from North Wollongong Beach, i’ll trade that for square metres any day. I walked in, and this place felt ‘right’ to me, it was renovated exactly as i would have done it, Shi Shi kitchen, with pale lime glass spalsh back, and a nice white bathroom, the vanity is even white porcelain (i’m sorry, i’ve done my share of polyurethane basins, i deserve smooth surfaces). So, a new chapter begins, onward, and upward.