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Wednesday, February 5th, 2020



Wednesday, February 5th, 2020



Wednesday, February 5th, 2020


Onto your feet.

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020


Just as I predicted (again). Donny will walk away from this impeachment aquittal with a minor skid mark of scandal, which I think is of little consequence to him personally.

So, screaming for blood, kicking out at him, pointing fingers has not worked (as I foretold). In fact, what it’s done is (as I foretold) emboldened and empowered him, and more importantly, his supporters, and even more importantly, people who were on the fence about him, will now see him as a victim, and err to his side.

It’s a really simple lesson I learned when training as a union delegate, and it’s shown itself to be just as true in politics, as it is in the workplace. ‘Do you want to get rid of your frustrations, get it off your chest, lash out at the boss, tell him what you really think of him?, or, do you want to get what you want’.

It’s almost as simple as that.

The world needs to think smart, and stop being reactionary. So, America, you yelled and screamed, but did you get what you wanted? Nope. In fact, you’ve just made things a WHOLE lot worse for yourselves, somewhat like a child having a tantrum instead of thinking smart. Manipulating and outsmarting the parent is how the child gets what its after. Instead, it chose to lash out, and now the parent is coming for them.

This phenomenon isn’t reserved just for the U.S, it’s playing out here in Australia. Barnaby Joyce was returned with an increased majority, probably because he’d been under personal attack. Passing around online petitions to ‘Sack Scott Morrison’? give me a break.

This is a different world, a different playing field. Stop wasting your time stamping your feet. Think smart, think strategic. Poking the bee hive doesn’t work anymore. Your tantrum has just now delivered another four years in the White House for Donnie.

Oh, by the way, I don’t know the answer, and I think Govt’s know we don’t yet know how to tackle this new reality. So, they run wild, and all we do is click on-line petitions and make memes (tho, fair play, my piss spot Barnaby meme IS gold).

We can’t ‘really’ march anymore, and we can’t ‘really’ strike, because unfortunately greed and cowardice of far too many came into play, the, ‘I’m alright Jack, fuck you’ brigade. So many of our hard fought for civil and workplace rights have been given away. Now the effective gains we made, have all mostly been lost, and, again, with the level of apathy and distraction permeating every aspect of life, the Govt’s know they hardly have to lift a finger before the populace rolls over.

I see this in the GLBTIQ community too. So many battles were fought by our Queer forebears. Once a ‘semblance’ of equality and safety was won, many in the current generation were happy with ‘well enough’. Barely casting an eye over their shoulders to be educated by very recent history, at how all those gains that were won with blood on the streets, could all be lost in the snap of a finger. The religious discrimination bill anyone?

Get out of the suburbs, and out of the cafes, and get active! Us older soldiers have served our tour of duty and are scarred and spent. You’re not alright Jack, powerful forces will fuck you over as soon as look at you.