Count dow, dow, dow, dow, down.

What an interesting Saturday night i had, i got to regree into my spotty and pre spotty youth as Steve and i attended the ‘Countdown extraveganza’ at the Acer areana at Olympic park, i’ve never been to a concert here before so it was interesting to see a new venue.

The concert was choc full of old artist that warbled their way across the Countdown stage all those years ago, inc Joe Dolce’ ‘Shutupa your face!’ by the end of the first half i couldnt help but think ‘This is SO daggy!’ then i realised that Countdown always WAS daggy!

There were quite a few highlights for me, a ‘Not quite together’ Keith Lamb from ‘Hush’, John English singing his first song in the key of ‘A’ while the band were playing in ‘F’, the girls from ‘Cheetah’ who i was sure would be appearing in Mu Mu’s attempting to cover 25 years or so accumulated ‘puffiness’ but i was floored when the girls waled out looking HOT with low slung jeans and not a ‘muffin top’ to be seen.

Of course the highlight was getting to see Sherbet again, a band i adored in my youth, as soon as they came out on stage i flew down the front to garner a champagne view, it was a real joy to watch these guys comand the stage again.

It was such a great night, it was the first warm day of spring so even at 11.30pm we were walking around in just short sleeves with a lovely warm breeze guiding us home.


International guest!! Leo Sayer

Molly spins a little Humdrum

Ross Wilson and Mondo Rock

James Reyne

The Fab Daryl Braithwaite

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