Tho now past the stage of my life where i live in nightclubs, i still like to get my fill of busting the odd .. and i do mean odd move, and a non attitude drag show, nothing tires me more than a drag queen who has to rely on being nasty and cruel to get a cheap laugh, it insults my intelligence. None of this is found at Pollys i L O V E this social group. If you ever want to meet me, hit on me, buy me a cordial, spike my cordial, share a gas mask or ask for favours in return of a photo with me, this is the place, i’ll be the one on the dance floor screaching with delight as the first bars of ‘Amarillo’ strike up, it really is worth the trip just to watch Miss Tammy’s patented dance moves to this song .. old time gay, that’s what i like.

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