ALF, Whizzer Deever, Raquel Ochmoneck and Willie:

Found this pic on line when Tyson and i were work shopping fancy dress idea’s for Adam’s birthday, once i saw this pic of the ALF head i was on a mission, where could i find a head like that with the tumorous swollen goiter neck? .. alas Wollongong was fresh out so desperate times called for desperate measures so i went to Spotlight and asked the lady to show me a roll of her finest fur, when i saw how much they were charging for a metre of faux pheline i knew i had to downsize my plans, so i asked for 10cm of the cheapest skanky matted nylon fur and went home and cut it into tufts that i stuck to myself in random places, i arrived and announced i was ALF with ‘alopecia’, i think i got away with it.

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