1) Hmmmmm, someone else is making Tammy pills.

2) Mardi Gras 2009.

3) Miss Beryl eating a faux chicken leg, i have a thousand lines and i’m not going to utter one of them.

4) Think about this for a sec .. Kahmal has a three disc cd set, featuring the Elephant song, the world truely is a strange place.

5) Miss Tyson has kindly loaned me his piano, so now i can practice at top volume my favorite Yoko Ono avante guarde works as well as perfecting my Jerry Lee Lewis foot playing the piano moves, trust me Tyson the piano is in good and safe hands.

6) The HOT boy in my unit block (he who mysteriously always leaves his front door ajar) has fashioned this stunning wire coat hanger car arial penis on his car, and who say’s strait boys have no taste.

7) Piss weak foam ice cream demo’s from Berry, i ordered Pugsly the punk and it came out looking like a rat with a hair lip that had been shot in the face with 12 guage shotgun, it was yummy tho.

8) Hmmm, this jogs a memory, when i was in high school i actually wrote and illastrated a ‘Reality Mr Men’ book, i still have and i should dig it out and scan a few of the drawings .. those that i can without having Blogger remove my blog.

9) Saw this parked near mum’s, i’m loving sick the shag pile carpet on the tread board, also the utter defiance of parking in a ‘No Parking’ zone is totally hot.

10) What isnt to love about Op Shops, a bin of crutches, most with a disturbing discolourisation of the underarm padded support, i love these almost as much as the foot spa’s you get at op shops that have a tell tale tide mark crust of corn, exema and bunion.

11) A real live packet of Persil i saw in a shop front in Newtown .. please, let fate decree that one day before i die i will get to live there or at least close by, i’m not asking for the moon, just a place where i can walk and find Persil and Rinso sitting in a shop front window.

12) A gaggle of crocheted poodles, where else but Newtown.

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  1. Chris says:

    There’s always a place for you in Newtown. You’re what we call a Newtonian-in-roaming anyway – you dont always have to live here to be here (I know, it does help)

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