Over the past few weeks i’ve been having a few oral ‘iss-eew’s’ i went back to the dentist on Thursday and the dentist told me they would be cleaning UNDER my gums with an ultrasonic machine that would have given Dr Evil a stiffy, she asked if i was good with pain and i thought (i think silently) ‘Hmmmmm, well they say it’s a fine line between pleasure and pain’ so i said i should be right, i was trying to be cool but it became surreal, the pain, the noise and the fact that she was wearing a top that had a pattern of little teeth printed all over it, tho some of these blouse teeth must have been naughty as they had frowns and most others had smiles, i have no idea what that was supposed to mean, but mixed with the industrial instruments hovering over me and the top spun obviously not of material from Spotlight, i was left slightly dazed by the whole experience. I’ve made another appointment for four weeks time, like they say ‘It’s a fine line .. ‘

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