The scanner in the ‘Tingle Photo Laboratory’ has been working overtime of late, the excavation of my photo collection continues and here we have a group of photo’s from the set of ‘The Super Flying Fun Show’, i loved this show as a child and even had a little crush on Miss Marilyn, tho when i think about it i was actually obsessed with her perfectly manicured LOOOOONG finger nails, so long and perfect were these Krueger-esque claws that when she used to ring up the children for the prize wheel she would use a pen to stick in the phone dial instead of her finger like us plebs would do, i used to gasp in terror when Miss Marilyn plunged her hand into the bulging leather bag that sat beside her chair to pull out some lucky kids letter for her to call and and give them a chance on the wheel, not once did her finger ever come out of the bag with a traumatised nail.

The show had a cast of regulars including Marty And Emu (sort of a poor mans Rod Hull .. and if my memory serves me right Rod Hull started on this show and when he left they swapped him for Marty, come on oldies, who remembers this?) also starring was a giant cross promoting bird called ‘Wing Ding’, at the time there were chicken flavoured snacks called Wing Dings, cant remember if he talked or anything, also joining the cast was Smokey Dawson, and country and western singer who used to come on each Friday which i think was pet day and sing the classic ‘A four legged friend’.
The show used to have little comedy shows in it, one was based on the Keystone cops, i think it was called ‘Comedy Capers’ and the theme song had the lyrics ‘Comedy capers, comedy capers for rollicking, frollicking time’ this featured Desmond Tester and Geoff Harvey before he picked up the baton for Mike Walsh.

So .. thats just about all i can remember, except i do recall the name of the Bruce Spence looking guy was ‘Greg Bepper’ .. why do i remember that when i cant remember what i ate last night?.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What about the cartoons Keep tip top with titan and Space Angel which both played on the super flying fun show.

    chesh da kat

  2. eweiser says:

    Tammy: Hi. Wow!

    I have been trying for years to figure out what show it was that had this "Comedy Capers" theme I remember growing up on USA's North Coast. Within transmitter distance of the CBC in Toronto. I figure this is where the show, among others I do fondly recall, probably came from.

    I didn't know the words… Thought it was "How many papers… in a rollicking, rollicking old car." But it was evidently "Comedy capers… for a rollicking, frolicking good time." The song at least accompanied shots from old "Keystone Cop" films. I don't remember the rest of the show, and still don't remember the name "The Super Flying Fun Show." Odd.

    What I do remember is what I thought was the Ronald McDonald show, during which he played these old-tyme movies. Nothing that I remember related to hamburgers, though. No, I don't think it was Clarabelle of "Howdy-Doody" fame.

    Thanks so much for the memory-jog and helping point me in the right direction toward finding out more.

    — Sincerely, Erik / Boston, MA, U.S.A.

  3. Greg Bepper says:


    It's nice to know you remember me instead of what you had for breakfast.

    I've spent hours on here reading your stuff. I'ts just great.

    I will scan some of my personal career images from 70/80's and email them to you

    Greg Bepper

  4. Tammy says:

    Hey Greg, cool to hear from you, hope some of the stuff on the blog wasnt too 'earthy' for you :-)

    Wow, fancy hearing from someone from The Super Flying Fun Show! .. oh how i'd LOVE to see just one episode of that again, not one scene has ever shown up on any tv retrospective, please mail anything you have that i could post on the blog at ..




  5. Greg Bepper says:

    Well Tammy I guess 4 years between replies isn’t bad 😀 .. i was never notified

    The Fun Show being live back in the time when video was very new there is very little of the show still around.

    I do have a pic with Marty & Humphrey B Bear… so will email if you are still on same address.


  6. greg says:

    Hi Greg, yup, still at the same address, and still happy to recieve anything you wish to send :-)

  7. Paul says:

    I rember winning a boomerang comp on this show. 10 kids from Melb won a trip to Sea World (for the day only!!) I was only 9 years old and sat next to Miss Marilyn on the plane as she smoked away on the flight

  8. Scooter says:

    Does anyone out there remember “Penny Spence’s Christmas List”…? I think it was the producer (Jeff Harvey’s wife) coming on the show at Christmas time and letting the kids know what she bought the relatives for Christmas… Am I imagining that? You gotta love 70’s kid T.V… I also have a vague recollection of a game they use to run during the Christmas holidays called “Cross the Blue Mountains” where they would have a lucky kid come in and try their luck. The idea was to get a ring on stick wired up to set off a bell if they touched the wire outline of the blue mountains profile. Most would bomb out around the three sisters as I recall.

  9. adam says:

    i was in an audience of this show once. Humphrey came into the audience and sat next to my dad, I switched with him and sat next to Humphrey for a minute or so. What a thrill!!!

  10. Stephen says:

    Hi Paul, I was one of the 10 from Melbourne and there was also 10 from Sydney. We went to Hawes Boomerang Factory and it was Marine Land rather than Sea World. To enter the competition you had to make a birthday car for channel 9’s birthday. There were 50 finalists from each state and we had to go to Royal Park one Saturday morning and throw our boomerangs. Those that came back to them closest wonthe day trip to Sydney. I remember it being an amazing day.

  11. greg says:

    I ‘still’ can’t believe not one second of this show has ever surfaced since it’s original broadcast, something ‘must’ have been saved, even if it did go out live. Not even on the Ch-9 retrospectives where the pull out the most obscure clips has this show even been acknowledged.

  12. Alison says:

    I just loved this show. I just loved The Super Flying Fun Show – gosh I still remember Miss Marilyn not only dialling the phone with her pen but with a tube of ‘Selly’s Paper and Hobby Glue’. I would spend hours playing with an old phone trying to dial it with a pen ( we never had the glue! ). Friday was the day they had dogs from the RSPCA ( I think ) on – all live TV ! I wanted to take home every dog Miss Marylin put on show. We didn’t even own a telephone at the time !

    I have just spent hours looking for and watching The Magic Circle Club, and their group of cartoons – my favourite being Milton the Monster. Watched a couple of episodes today too. Fearless Fly ( Hyrum ), Flukey Luke and Marty and Emu. I also recall one of our neighbourhood kids winning some contest and being allowed, I think it was, ten minutes, to run around a toy store and to shove as many toys as he could in a trolley or two, he got to keep all the toys he toys.

    This has been so much fun and I’m going to keep on looking over the Internet for other TV gems. Remember the Rovers ?

    I cannot believe how much fun this has been today. I am 53 and had the best time ever.

    Thanks for the memories. Xoxox

  13. Grant says:

    Hi, i remember this show fondly. Think i had the hots for miss marilyn even though i was probably only about 10. Does anyone know what years it ran for? I seem to remember miss marilyn would sometimes be smoking on the show! But i might be wrong. I do remember the guy with the cool train set would come on sometimes to show of his trains. Cool stuff…cheers

  14. Vanessa Webb says:

    Great photos! I have one of when I was on the show with school – with Rod Hull and Miss Marylin in the studio at TCN Chatswood interviewing us about our excursion to Long Neck Lagoon! I loved his show so much – and thought Miss M was just divine!

  15. Valerie Jones says:

    Two shows that often get confused with the passage of time are Desmond and the Channel Nine Pin and Super Flying Fun Show. Desmond and the Channel Nine Pins started in 1957 and had many segments, such as Cabbage Quiz, Amanda the Cat and Comedy Capers. Desmond Tester produced and hosted the show as well as acting in skits with people such as Penny Spence, Rod Hull( who later went overseas and made a copy of Emu which was used in the show) Reg Gorman, Geoff Harvey (who was originally employed as a pianist by Desmond while he was still working at EMI)

  16. Phil Harvey says:

    I loved The Super Flying Fun Show and I had a huge crush on Miss Marilyn. I remember a segment in an episode from the late 70s when Marilyn and Marty (and possibly Emu) visited the set of The Sullivans. The premise of the segment was that they had travelled back in time to the 1940s. It showed them walking down the street where the location shots were filmed and then going through the gate of the real house and knocking on the door. Grace Sullivan answered the door and invited them in on to the studio set. She then gave them a tour of the house and all its 1940s bits and pieces.

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