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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004

Last Thursday night (July 30) a friend and i went to see ‘The Who’ in concert (more on that in a moment), one of the bonus’ of going to this concert was i got to see another Beatle kid in the flesh, the drummer for the Who is Zak Starkey .. aka Ringo’s son, having seen Julian and Sean Lennon in concert, and all the McCartney kids including Stella while they were in Aussie in 1993 it was great to see that some of the Beatle magic and talent has rubbed off onto the some of the kids, Stella, Mary, Heather, Julian and Sean have all proved themselves to be amazing talents in there own rights, so it was really gratifying to watch Zak absolutley tear the place apart with his drumming, in no way could you say he is only there because of his name or his connections, as a drummer myself i can spot a player who plays from the heart, and thats Zak, his style is totally different from that of his dad’s, and the Who’s songs call for fast and heavy playing, but at no time did Zak ever over play a song, and never was he overbearing or distracting, unlike Paul’s current drummer Abe Laborial jr who i feel fails in this sense in 90% of the songs he plays live with Paul. So hats off Zak, you’ve stepped out of a pretty big shadow and now cast your own.