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Sunday, September 4th, 2011

When i was little, Rolf Harris always irritated me, i dunno what it was, he just seemed on an emotional edge, all that panting and shit. Even as a three year old, i could sense this man perhaps needed therapy.

There were a couple of things that held my interest in Rolfdom, one was his cute little character ‘Coogee bear’, another was the whole three legged thing that made me raise an eye brow, and to ponder the placement of Rolf’s wanger if he really did have three legs. The thing i really loved however was an instrument Rolf used to play called a ‘Stylophone’, sort of like a poor mans theramin.

I used to turn my dad’s portable radio upside down, and run a metal strip over it in an effort to replicate Rolfs hand organ, tho i never quite got mine to work. Earlier this year whilst visiting my fab friend Karen, i was amazed to find she had a Rolf brand stylophone just casually laying around in her house, talk about a Kodak moment. As a treat please click .. Rolf Two Little Boys In German to hear not the Stylophone, but Rolf serenading us with a German language version of ‘Two little boys’, a song that made me cry when i was little, not this version, the English version, i have no idea what Rolf is singing here.