I love my winter visits to Melbourne, it’s almost like visiting another country, i always manage to pack so much in and i never have enough time to see everyone and everything i want to.

ABOVE PIC: Finally i get to wear a Doctors outfit, all i need now is the script pad and i’m set.

ABOVE PIC: Dax and i pay hommage at the Ackland St cake shop, worth the trip to Melbourne alone.

ABOVE PIC: After years of visiting Melbourne and staying at Melbourne Loft i walked past a burger and chip shop just over the road and on the corner, my nostrils were flaring like a gay boys cod piece at Mardi Gras .. ahhhh, the sweet aroma of chips with gravy, i lamented to Phillip that since being vege i havent been able to eat chips and gravy but i saw they sold vege burgers, so as the girl was serving me i looked up and saw the sign ‘Everything in this store vegatarian’ WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!?? i walked past this place for years and never knew, it was a vege fast food place, before you know it i had ordered one of everything .. and TWO of the chips with gooey gravy, Phillip explained to me that this was a special dish from Canada called ‘Poutine’ and along with the hot chips, the steaming gravy .. they were covered in melting cheese! be still my beating heart.

ABOVE PIC: Hey, who would’nt be attracted to a dog with leg warmers?

ABOVE PIC: Upon arrival at Phillip’s i was greeted with a welcome pack for my stay, which included a much needed hot water bottle, a bag of my favorite lollies from the shi shi David Jones food court, my favorite lemon grass tea and a brand spanking new pair of Peter Alexander pjyamas .. the standard has been set Phillip, start shopping for the January visit,

ABOVE PIC: Whats a visit to Melbourne without lunch at the ‘Charles Dickens Ratkellar’ if you look closely at our eyes you can see we’ve all visited the bathroom to visit Bettina to score our Prelly’s to top up our lunch of beer and nacho’s.

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