My friend Vesna once told me about this game she played ‘You should have known you were gay when .. ‘

I look back and shake my head at all my obvious sign posts, one of which was the little known 70’s sitcom ‘Alice’, there was this character called ‘Flo’ who was this tall, blonde, sassy, outrageous dresser with a loooooong southern drawl, i LOVED Flo, she lived in a trailer, she wore see through nighties, she snapped at her boss, she wore HUGE colourful PLASTIC earings and her hair was teased a mile high.

In other words the perfect gay icon, i could impersonate her, i knew all her lines and BEST of all she had a catch phrase ‘Mehhhl (Mel) kiss mah grits!!’

Why dont tv shows have catch phrases anymore? .. alas.

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  1. TelevisionAU says:

    I used to love "Alice". It was a staple of Channel 10's summer line-up during the '80s. It was never good enough to be played during the year when ratings actually mattered. Surely this is a candidate now for a re-run on GO :)

    And i've got to stop browsing this blog so late at night… i'm off to bed :)

  2. Tammy says:

    Recently watched an episode where Alice fell for a gay football player, Tommy got close to him and Alice got nervous, it all came good in the end and it was a fantasic example of a late 70's lesson in pushing gay boundaries on sitcoms.

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