Reality catch up.

Better late than never, i thought i’d post my favorite Big Brother housemate for the year .. this wont be popular amongst many however i look at the big picture, for me hands down my favorite housemate was Darren, he came in late as an intruder and didnt last all that long but he showed a side than NONE of those other vacuous other dingbat house mates did. Darren wasnt popular in the house and pretty soon found himself on the outter, the only housemate to warm to him was David the ‘Gay cowboy’, it soon became obvious that David was attracted to Darren but to his credit Darren didnt flinch, he had the attitude of ‘I dont care, it’s no big deal’.

Later when he had left the house just about every interview he done questions were raised about Davids crush on him and Darren never wavered in his response ‘I dont care, i know we were just friends what does it matter?’ the corker for me came in his farewell message to the housemates, Darren told David that he loved him .. a VERY brave thing to do for a strait boy, if every strait boy had this attitude and level of acceptance and understanding there would be a lot less gay boys laying on stretchers in emergency rooms after being bashed for no other reason than they are gay.

Krystal the minx laughing as Darren fell and hurt himself in the shower, she was later to fall and cut open her chin requiring a heap of stitches.

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