It’s been a while since we’ve had a Marta fashion spread, seeing as we’re heading into a cold winter i thought i’d concentrate the majority of these photo’s on some of Marta’s winter couture.

PHOTO 1: Brrrrrrrrr Marta freezes for art, dont you love the pink knitted mitts and how ‘now’ is that scrunched parker!.

PHOTO 2: Here Marta plays the part of a fabbo rock chick, call me old fashioned but under the right stage lighting Marta could be mistaken for Coutney Love, of course Marta has a much nicer complexion.

PHOTO 3: Not even the harsh Arabian sun can draw a bead of sweat to Marta’s upper lip.

PHOTO 4: Paris meets Miami Vice, have plimsols ever looked so sexy? i’m loving the matching Parisian top and hat, once again Marta was waaaay ahead of her time with Marta’s hat predating Fergies ‘bucket hats’ of 1986 by many a year.

PHOTO 5: Marta personifies casual cutting edge chic, photographed against a background of trash cans she knows we dont need the juxtaposition but she throws it at us anyway, she has the sleeves rolled up, confidant, a look on her face whilst gripping her gin and tonic that say’s ‘I’ll drive this glass in your face if you come near me’.

PHOTO 6: The deconstructed brainiac librarian look, you can see Marta likes to mix the old with the new, silver ‘Cherio’ earings, retro black spectacle frames, cream satin blouse under a designer dress, Marta’s not satisfied to leave it at that, she’s gone a brought a ‘nana hat’ from the op shop just to throw us.

PHOTO 7: The first of three biker shots, please take a look at those white pointed heels, the point on these shoes would have Gretel Kileen green with envy.

PHOTO 8: This photograph takes my breath away, Marta is wearing a satin top that Leif Garrett would crawl over broken glass to own, the wide banded watch is again ‘now’ and of course it’s worth noting there isnt so much as a bug in Marta’s teeth as she hurtles down the highway of fashion.

PHOTO 9: Marta’s a cluey girl, she knows you go nowhere without your accesories, Marta has slung her Prada handbag and Norman Hartnell hat over her handle bars.

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