A couple of weeks ago while we were ‘celebrating’ Australia day i had a funny feeling in my belly. As we walked around the harbour and the crowds of people something was niggling me, it wasnt until later in the day that i figured out what it was, it was anger. As we sat on the harbour wall i looked at the crowds, many of whom were draped in the Australian flag. I kept thinking ‘Why are you celebrating?’ were/are all those people happy with the way Australia is spiraling out of control into an almost conservative dictatorship?, the constant attacks on unions, gay rights, refugee’s, workplace relations etc etc.

I dont know what angered me more, the fact that these people ‘wanted’ to celebrate or the fact that they were too indifferent to care. All i know is ‘I’ didnt feel like celebrating, how long before that changes? .. please dont let it be long, i cant stand to read too many more horror stories that our political reporting has become.

I’ve attached a couple of letters from the paper i kept from early last year soon after Howard was elected again as our prime minister, these letters give me some sort of hope that i’m not alone in my thinking.

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