Some would call it a quirk, some would call it strange, others i’m sure have different names for it, but old Tamala dosnt like change .. well, not when it comes to her personal cleansing products. In the last few months two of my lathersome staples have been pulled from the shelves and ‘discontinued’ .. oh how i shudder at the finality of that word. First it was my Colgate pump pack tooth paste that got the rissole, then last week when shopping for my favorite ‘Sunflower and honey’ scented soap i saw the dreaded slip of paper on the shelve ‘Discontinued’.

With racing heart i scooped up the remaining few bars and hoofed it to the check out chick, who seeing the panic in my eyes made no attempt at idle chatter. When i got home i called the customer service number on the back wrapper of the soap, they clued me up to where i could score the last few remaining cakes in Wollongong.
I didnt dare wait till next day opening, i swished into town with my pathetic calico ‘greeny’ bags and swooped down upon the store that had the booty, i ran into a girlfriend from work who was also shopping, i was relieved to find out that she wasnt there to challenge me for the covetted cakes, but rather to pick up some eye liner. Knowing me as long as she has, she just gave me a gentle smile when she copped sight of my bags of lather goods.

I’m sad to say that the last of my toothpaste has now gone, i have moved on, but it will never be the same as the golden days of the pump pack, as some sort of solice the soap is stretching out quite nicely, i predict i should make it till at least December, before i have to make that all important decision as to what new soap i’ll be moving on to.

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