Its been age’s since i’ve been to a big full on Raaaaawwwwk show, plenty of pub gig’s and such, but not a big arena show, so last Thursday a mate and i donned our finest stonewashed jean’s, jacket’s and grey vinyl shoe’s with zips, then after licking our hair into some demented alopecian mullet we headed for the Sydney entertainment centre, i had gotten us pretty good seat’s (3rd row) for the Who’s second Sydney concert of this tour, they last toured Aussie in 1968 but were kicked out of the country for outrageous behaviour (i think it was an offense back then in Aussie to wear anything other than beige). I’m really glad i took along ear plug’s for this show, in the begining i was embarrased at the thought of putting them in and looking like a ‘Grandpa’ but after hearing the first note and almost being knocked sideways by it i had the plugs in before the second chord was struck, i think i’ve done enough damage to my hearing over the year’s and i have no desire to suffer like a couple of my friend’s who have tinitus from listening to loud music, once upon a time it was fun to see how long the ringing would last in your ear’s after a concert, now i want to avoid that at all cost’s, as it was it was plenty loud with the plugs in, and as we were only three row’s from the front the speaker’s were right in front of us, every time Zak hit his kick drum my clothes would vibrate!. I felt sorry for the people who didnt bring any ear protection, you could see them holding there ear’s. The show itself was pretty good, tho i like it when i can get into the lyrics of an artist, the Who was more of an ‘event’ in concert, still it was pretty cool to finally see Pete Townshend in the flesh, i’ve always admired him. I was a bit titchy about taking photo’s in the venue and only snuck in my small digital camera after reading sign’s saying there would be full security searches, once inside people were walking in with bags and backpacks FULL of camera’s and security made no effort to stop people even filming from the front row, despite all this i managed to get off a few pic’s and i’ve attached them below.

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