Danger Will Robinson!!

Today i recieve my first ever purchase from ebay, and it all went smoothly.
I just know i’m going to end up in a twelve step program to prise me away
from this online shopping wonderland .. i mean its not like you can pop out
to Woolies and buy an autographed 8×10 of Joan Crawford, much as i wish
you could. I need a special function on my ebay account that pops up with a
warning ‘Do you really need this item Greg, i mean really think about it’ then
it delays the actual purchase for 24 hours to give you time to reconsider.

The first item went after is an autograph of Edward Kennedy, youngest
brother of JFK. I’ve always been facinated by the Kennedy’s and i’ve got a ton
of book’s, dvd’s and videos on the family, JFK was the *Star* but his social
reforms were held ack in many instances by various stumbling blocks, both personal and political, his next youngest brother Bobby who was also assasinated
would have been the elected president in 1968 if not for assasins bullets.

Bobby was an amazing man who REALLY understood the average man, poverty
and the underprivaledged .. he would have made an amazing president, next came
Teddy (Edward) who has an amazing track record in the U.S senate for supporting
equality and equal rights across the board, only last week Teddy was on the news out here railing against Bush and his opposition to gay marridge.

Anyhoo, i’m pretty stoked to have this autograph of Teddy.

Now, if anyone spots any 8×10’s of Joan Crawford .. drop me a line

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