Forgot to mention i spent a fantastic day at my mate Steve’s on Sunday, he coughed up the big bucks to buy the new box set of George Harrison cd’s and invited me up to have a listen and to watch the dvd that came with the set, people always ask me why i am SUCH a Beatle fan, the answer is simple, each individual one was/is so talented and interesting but when you put the four of them together it’s just other worldly, so if truth be told i guess i really dont have ‘A’ favorite Beatle, they all serve a special purpose.

Just recently i’ve been imersing myself in the works of George Harrison, i mean REALLY getting into his stuff, it’s so deeply personal and spiritual .. not in the sense of organised religion, but in a deep and organic and accesible way, just throw away things that George often said sometimes make you really see things in a different light.

I loved something he said in the dvd, Eric Clapton was coming to Georges place to record some guitar and said to him ‘I dont need to bring a guitar, you have all that there right?’ George said at that moment and also when in the company of the sitar mystro Ravi Shankar he realised that its the people/person who is the music, not the instrument, it just sits in the corner until someone picks it up to play, and then the essence of that person comes out through the instrument to make the music, and its true when you think of anyone who plays, each person has a different sound, a different style and it dosnt matter what they play it on, it will always be the person who shines through. This just struck me as a fantastic analogy for many things in life.

I’m off to light some incense.

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