“Munted munchies: A stoners cook book”.

Coming soon to a self publisher/PDF/satin bound hand crafted book seller near you soon, Miss Tammy’s very first book (discounting one or two East German ‘health manuals’ Miss Tammy had a hand in . . well, more like a finger, in the early 1980’s).

“Munted Munchies: a stoners cook book”.

Forty of my favorite munchie sating recipes, thirty five of which feature Cheezels.

Quick and easy is my motto, no one wants to be thinking too hard when one becomes a little ‘Peckish’.

There is even a section on healthy stoning food options (to shut up those dreadful hipster vegan stoners, who’s Ned Kelly beards always end up aflame when trying to ignite the bong, stinking the place out, and fucking up the mood . . but i digress).

Fifty flame retardant pages, all in full colour. Moisten a finger and prepare to turn a page.

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